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Gamethread #67: Canucks vs Avs

How big is this Canucks game vs Colorado?

Colorado Avalanche v Vancouver Canucks

I ask the question, “How big is this game tonight?”

Some of you will say this game is just another game. Win or loss the Canucks have time to get back track and make the playoffs. I have seen this argument on Twitter. Everybody should remain calm, they will pull through.

I should now write the other point of view, but I don’t think I have to. We all have that inner voice that is telling us what the rest of the year will turn into, so I don’t have to write it.

I was thinking I might stop drinking until it’s known if the Canucks make the playoffs or not. Losses lead to sadness drinking and wins lead to celebratory drinking. My liver might not make it.

Remember when we talked about having meaningful hockey later in the season and how we all wished for it. I think we assumed that we would be the underdog team, working our way up the standings and enjoying wrecking other teams chances. The 7 game win streak and being in 1st place after Jan 1 really screwed with that scenario. It’s more nerve-wracking having to watch a team hang on for dear life with two finger nails.

Let’s all step away from the ledge for a few tonight and enjoy hockey for what it is.....whatever it is.

Go Canucks Go!