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Silky N’ Filthy podcast: Dough, DJ’s and February Beauty Power Rankings

Andrew Chelney hops on the show to talk about another team that struggles defensively, aside from the Canucks

New York Rangers v Vancouver Canucks
Both the Rangers and the Canucks are on the edge of the playoffs. Will either team make it? We discuss that on the latest episode of Silky N’ Filthy.
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What’s one way to make yourself feel better about the Vancouver Canucks struggles?

Well, how about talking to someone who cheers for a team in a similar position?

That’s what went down this week on the Silky N’ Filthy podcast, as we had Andrew Chelney from the Chel Squared podcast hop on the show to talk about the Rangers season, along with thoughts on J.T. Miller and Alain Vigneault.

Trust me, you’ll want to hear the thoughts on Vigneault. He doesn’t get that same love in New York that Canucks fans like to give him.

With another month in the books, it was time for once to again dish out the BEAUTY Power Rankings. Six new names this month, including the first appearance for a certain Canuck player...

For those that haven’t tuned in to the Beauty Power Rankings episodes, well, get on it! We explain our rationale for the picks in the episode.

Speaking of that episode, here’s a rundown of it:

  • Two snubs from the Beauty Power Rankings (4:00)

9. Brad Marchand aka Dobby The Elf (10:00)

5. Mika Zibanejad (16:45)

  • Andrew Chelney joins the show (28:00)
  • On the Rangers playoff odds (33:30)
  • Panarin/Zibanejad OR Pettersson/Hughes? (42:30)
  • Chelney’s thoughts on Alain Vigneault (50:30)
  • 10 Weird Facts about New York City (58:00)