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Gamethread #66: Canucks vs Arizona

Canucks desperately need a win tonight against the Yotes.

Arizona Coyotes v Vancouver Canucks

The internet has been a fun place since the last loss. I don’t think I have the strength to kick the dead horse. All I know is that we have reached the point of the year where it is put up or shut up time. A win tonight and a Calgary loss and the Canucks will be back in 3rd place in the division. The Canucks really need the 2nd and 3rd lines to play tonight. Besides the obvious of winning and getting two points, beating Arizona would provide more breathing room for the Nucks in the standings. Arizona did something that may jinx them, just other teams....they traded for Taylor Hall. (10 years - 5 playoff games)

The defense for the Canucks will be a mish-mash of fun tonight. The forwards better get their asses back and help them out. Bo Horvat...I’m looking at you to get going tonight.

Wow, the month of March looks tough.

Go Canuck Go!