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This league is going to will the Canucks.

Reduced salary cap...reduced salaries.

New York Islanders v Vancouver Canucks

Professional sports holds it breath as time keeps ticking away on their season. While NFL football has the best shot to keep its entire season, hockey and basketball do have a hard date for cancelling the season. A cancelled season would severely hurt the revenues of all teams. I wonder which teams might not survive if the season is cancelled. I think the NHLPA and the league will start have some serious talks about the future of the league and starting to negotiate a new CBA earlier rather than waiting until the world thinks its safe to go back out in public and watch games.

I have said it before and I really think buyouts will be offered and it will be more than two. I also think the players will be asked...and then told, that salaries will have to be reduced by at least 25% across the board.

Those two points I think are necessary for the league and while I may sound like I am only thinking about saving the owners....I kinda am....without the owners , there is no league. “Who is more important to the league, owners or players?” This argument comes every time there is a strike or lockout, and while we all watch the players, the economics of having a league are based on the availability of people who can own a team. The owners are going to have the ability to re-shape the monetary environment of the league.

Now that is out of the way. Let’s try and exercise our brains with a hypothetical situation.

Let’s say players still belong to their contracted teams (unless UFA). Salaries have been wiped out and teams can start over with players. The team has $50 million cap for a 23 man roster. ($500,000 minimum/yr)

The contracts will only be for 3 years max as the NHLPA believes the fans will come back and the revenues will increase.

Sent up your Canucks for next year. Share it.


Petey, Horvat, Miller, Boeser, Toffoli, Marky - $3.4 million = $20.4million

Edler, Pearson, Hughes, Tanev, Stetcher, Myers - $2.6 million = $15.6 million

Gaudette, Jake, Demko, Beagle - $1.5 million = $6 million

Motte, Benn, MacEwen, Leivo, 3 more players - $1 million = $7 million

Rational: I grouped players together and didn’t have individuality because the contract are for a shorter time ( 3 years or less) creating tiers may not be liked by players but they also wouldn’t like making $100,000 less than the next guys either. It’s a no-win situation. You would definitely have to sell the idea of team for players to buy into this. I’m sure this style wouldn’t work for a team like Edmonton that has two of the best players in the league.

For those of you that say the players would never agree to this, you might be right. But then the owners don’t have to have a team in the league and everything goes to shit.

You have time....create your own version and post it. Stay home and say safe.