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Silky N’ Filthy podcast | 69 thoughts feat. comedian Ty Lemmon

The filthiest episode of all-time features a B.C. comedian making waves in the hockey world.

Ty Lemmon
Ty Lemmon joined the show to talk about his foray into the hockey world.
Subtmitted by Ty Lemmon

It finally happened.

Kyle and I recorded an episode so filthy, it nearly broke his laptop.

However, Kyle managed to salvage the laptop with a shout out to Best Buy. Thanks to those two, the filthiest episode of all time is ready for your listening pleasure.

After talking about some good old fashioned 69 and our experiences during isolation, we talked about the biggest “jokes” in the NHL this season. Hey, the episode was all about keeping it light during these hard times, although fans of the Arizona Coyotes might not want to tune in.

We were then joined by Victoria, B.C. comedian Ty Lemmon, who made some waves in the hockey world with this tweet:

“It was a story that I was working out on stage, but it wasn’t really working too well in the Comedy Clubs,” Lemmon said on Silky N’ Filthy, “and then I just tweeted it out. Within a couple of minutes, it kind of just went crazy from there.”

A retweet from one of Lemmon’s teammates, former AHL enforcer Steve Parsons, helped the tweet gain traction with a retweet as well. Perhaps it was only fitting that the record-holder for most penalty minutes in an AHL game with 64, helped Lemmon gain traction in the hockey world.

Since the tweet took off, Lemmon was mentioned on sports programs across the hockey universe. Barstool Sports posted it, James Cybulski mentioned it on Sportsnet 650, Both Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole messaged him personally and brought up the tweet on their show as well.

The mentions weren’t just limited to the hockey world either.

“An award-winning writer from This Hour Has 22 Minutes got in touch with me right away and expressed his desire to develop it for television. So we kind of put our heads together and we’re presenting that to Bell Media sometime next month.

Lemmon also signed an exclusive merchandise deal with Friday Beers, an Instagram page with more than 750,000 followers.

Hear the full interview on Silky N’ Filthy, and get to know a bit more about one of B.C.’s budding comedians.

Here’s a rundown of the rest of the episode.

  • Biggest jokes of the NHL season. Sorry, Arizona Coyotes fans (8:15)
  • Buffalo Sabres drove their own fans mad (13:00)
  • Quinn Hughes’ biggest fan pumps Rasmus Dahlin’s tires (15:00)
  • Ty Lemmon joins the show (23:00)
  • Kyle & I share our jokes to close the show (42:00)