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Oh, the thoughts we have....on salary cap.

Salary cap in limbo if there is a 2020-21 season.

Vancouver Canucks v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

It seems that we will have lots of time to think...and think...and think. And since we have the internet as a place to share our thoughts, let’s take a wonder down a path called “Salary Cap Hypotheticals.”

*I make a lot of assumptions in this articles based on logic and then some shit I just make up.

The NHL season will be cancelled. I base this on logic. With more and more cities taking the initiative and making people stay in place, how would a sports league ever get going again. Corona will go in waves, most scientists agree with this, so it would be irresponsible for any sports league to put its employees at risk and restart a league before COVID19 is under control. (whatever that means)

Now that I’ve cancelled the season, the revenues for the year will be drastically reduced for any new season’s salary cap. So the big question, is what would a new cap look like?
*This is where I make shit up .

With one quarter of the season not played and no playoffs, the owners will want to drastically reduces wages. The players, of course, will say no. I’m no CBA expert, but I can guarantee that lawyers have put in magical provisions for such an event to safeguard the league (I mean owners).

Let’s say the league is able to get going again by October and start regular season games by November and wants to get 60 games before playoffs (making this up), two things would have to happen. Players would have to agree to reduce pay by 25% and owners would get 2 buyouts that would not be penalized.

I hear you already arguing with me, “the players will never agree to this.....why should they reduce pay!” Get over it.

It’s the 2 buyouts that should interest you in this article. Oh...and the new salary cap number. Which would be $78 million. (teams actually only pay 75% of this due to short season)

“Wait, back the truck up Westy. How did you get that number?”

Well, through some logic and imagination. The league and TV sponsors also have clauses that protect the TV rights holders from events like this. They won’t have to pay for all of the 2019-20 season and therefore the league won’t get all of it’s revenue. The more interesting number would be the salary cap floor, which I would guess to be $55 million. (to try and protect small market teams)

So let’s talk about the Canucks. Most of you will look at a cap and only think about the hockey implications and not the business ones. Some contracts are better than others when it comes to Loui’s. He has two years left and after his July 1st signing bonus, his contract is tradeable again. You don’t buy him out.

I will list some players who have contracts that are more likely to be candidates.

Michael Ferland - 3 years/ $3.5 million a year.

Antonie Roussel - 2 years / $3miilion a yer

Jay Beagle - 2 years / $3 milliion/yr

Tyler Myers - 5 years / $6 million/yr

***Roberto Luongo 2 years / $3 million yr

I personally chose to buyout Roussel and Ferland. Ferland is done and if I was Francesco, I would say thank you and tell Ferland to stop playing for his own health. Roussel is a fourth line guy who plays on the third line and makes too much. (Disagree with me....please)

Here is the team I have:

I made the signings as simple as possible. Each new contract for Toffoli, Stetcher, Jake and Zack was for 2 years with a small raise. (Stetcher might have to make more). I did this for two reasons. I have no clue and no one has a clue as to what hockey looks like after things calm down. Secondly, the CBA runs out Sept 2022 and as an owner, I want a clean slate with as many players as possible.

**Now all of this assumes that humankind can get its crap together and the people have the money to support professional sports. We all want to watch it, but will we want to spend our money on it.

I encourage you to come up with you’re own I can argue with you.