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Last Week on The Quickie | Review SZN

Things have changed a lot since last week, haven’t they?

Arizona Coyotes v Vancouver Canucks
Jordie Benn #4 of the Vancouver Canucks skates up the ice during warmup before their NHL game against the Arizona Coyotes at Rogers Arena March 4, 2020 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images

What a wacky, weird, and unnerving world we’re all living in right now.

Despite waking up and feeling like we’re all a part of a science fiction movie, it’s a good sign to see many people being overcautious.

Although I might be running out of toilet paper, I’m not even mad. I have to say though, I’m starting to get jealous of all my friends who have a bidet...

Speaking of running out of things, The Quickie still continues to roll on, even with the NHL season on pause. That’s the beauty of recording a podcast in self-isolation.

Of course, the week started with talks of playoff races, rather than races to the grocery store to stockpile. Here’s a look at what happened on The Quickie last week, along with the Monday morning edition of the show.

Which team is better, the Jets or the Canucks?

A tough question now, but it’s one that didn’t appear close after the Canucks began the season as one of the best teams in the NHL.

However, there are actually a lot of similarities between these two teams. They’re both on dangerous offence, terrible on defence, and they’re both back-stopped by Vezina-calibre goaltenders.

The Jets officially surpassed the Canucks in the standings right before the shutdown, but the Canucks still lead in points percentage, something that might mean a lot of the regular season has to end preemptively.

Nils Hoglander on his goals & “the goal”

Sick of hearing my voice? Listen in to Patrik Bexell from SB Nation’s Eyes On The Prize as he interviews Canucks prospect Nils Hoglander and his Rogle SK head coach, Cam Abbott.

Stay smart & stay positive

I give my positive preamble on the coronavirus, and why we could see NHL hockey back soon enough, as long as everyone keeps being overcautious.

There are signs of the virus slowing down in other countries where self-isolation has been rampant. The rates of infection are decreasing in China, South Korea and Japan. Let’s hope for the same on this side of the world as long as we all remain vigilant.

One wacky playoff format to consider

If the regular season in the NHL were to officially finish without completion, how would you like to see the playoffs structured? I toss around one wacky idea on The Quickie.

Monday morning Quickie: Best & Worst of Vancouver

The NHL announced today that they hope to have a training camp in 45 days from now, and possible resuming the season in 60 days.

Of course, that’s all incredibly optimistic and somewhat impossible to gauge at this time. However, The Quickie has plans to continue throughout the stoppage.

I plan on continuing these five-minute episodes throughout the break by looking at the most surprising players on each NHL team (best and worst), along with giving one chirp and one compliment to each NHL city.

With this being a Nucks Misconduct podcast, I start with the Vancouver Canucks. Who would be your choices for the most surprising players on the team? What would your chirp to the city be? Hear my answers on The Quickie.