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Tom Petty had it right.

Waiting is the hardest part.

Looking out at the Lion’s Gate Bridge from the beautiful seawall of Stanley Park. Photo by: Matthew Bailey/VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

I don’t think I know what’s really going on. While I have an education and like to think that I can understand most things put in front of me, I’m not sure I fully fathom the situation we all seem to be in. Raise your hand if you feel this way.

There is lots of serious shit in life that each of us has to deal with. But for some of us, sports was the reprieve, the distraction from those worries. If it was even only for a highlight or two, we were able to focus on something outside of our immediate concerns.

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio, Sidney Crosby, Lebron James......curling?

I think the fact that sports has disappeared at almost every level, brings the seriousness into a level I have never seen before. Sure, games and even seasons have been cancelled for individual sports, but that made us have to watch rugby....or darts....or CFL football. (I kid...kinda). Now we have to live in a world of history....of former games replayed. (Let’s skip the 2011 Stanley Cup final).

I sit here and understand the sacrifice everyone has to make to try and contain this microscopic destroyer. I am more than willing to go without sports so that people don’t spread this virus. I think the question most people ask themselves and causes anxiety, is “How long will this go on?”

And this is where I feel dumb and doctors feel dumb and world leaders (are) feel the fact that there is no answer to the question. I have the feeling that all leagues that are active right now, are trying to break it to us gently, that this season is probably over, but they have hope like we do that some cure will come or the virus will die out and we can start up again.

Hope is a good thing....a great thing...the only thing really.

So let’s keep going at NucksMisconduct. Let’s talk about a quick return to play, playing a shortened season or going straight to playoffs. Are the Canucks in or out? How is the Cap going to look next year with less revenue? Should the owners allow teams to dump salaries and should the NHLPA agree to it. There are tons of hypotheticals we can talk about.

I know COVID19 is the easiest topic to wrapped into and we all want to share our stories. I encourage all of you to find each other on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the other ton of social media sites and talk to each other. For all of the nastiest on the internet, there are so many ways to stay close to one another online.

Let’s keep this place light-hearted and hockey-oriented. Let’s support one another and argue about stuff that really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme. Let’s talk about the fact that if the Canucks don’t make the playoffs, that JT Miller led the team in scoring and the Canucks get to keep their 1st round pick.....but GMJB should be fired.

I appreciate anyone who stops by NM and just says hi.

Stay safe everyone,

Your friends at Nucks Misconduct.