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Sippin’ On A Coffee | Thank You Vancouver: Part 1

Eh, everything will be back to normal in due time.

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Much love to the universe. Straight up.

Normality has found its way travelling towards the future in light speed and that has left those in the present uncertain. A feeling sports fan are accustomed to, especially those who call the most beautiful city in the world home, Vancouver.

My people literally have tattoos of the sayings, “there’s always next year” & “it is what it is” somewhere inside or outside their bodies.

Those Vancouver Canucks played 69 meaningful games (nice) before the plug was rightfully pulled on the regular season. The team showed signs of legitimate growth. That was real and for that, some praise has to be given to the organization.

Not once did the thought of using the draft simulator cross our city’s mind. We were finally allowed to be real hockey fans again.

Oh, and after 49 years of an infamous history paired with lackluster results, this NHL team finally found a #1 defencman.

What a thing of a beauty.

Who Knows What’s Going To Happen

Look, I said in the above that the NHL has chosen to pull the plug on the regular season.

That was partially a lie. As of now, the league has chosen to suspend / postpone the games that “should” be taking place. Part of me believes I chose to run with the lie because deep down inside, I want to pour water on the idea of that once play does resume, Bettman will have no choice but to jump right into the Stanley Cup Playoffs due to scheduling purposes.

In the world of stoicism, you put your future out there in the world and let it grow with the aid of belief.

If that were to be the case, your Canucks would be gifted the playoff spot they were losing a grip on due to that fancy metric called points percentage. Would it be a little fugazi to take pride in such an accomplishment?


Do I really give a fuck? Nope. If you get into the dance you have a chance.

A chance for the Cup? I wouldn’t go that far. Nonetheless I’ll take the opportunity to witness my city get together and share the times watching the only show in town play meaningful games in July with my drink of choice.

Pineapple Rum with a splash of Ginger Ale.

Call Me An Asshole

I do enjoy the meme treatment inspired by the pandemic.

This may be due to my viewings of South Park that started at the age of 8.

Shoutout To The City

Quite possibly the most accomplished artist since Nelly Furtado to call the lower mainland home, BBNO$ is showing the world what measures are required to help prevent the spread of this damn roadblock.

#ShotgunJake vs Kyle Bhawan

Let’s just get straight to the point.

If the regular season is canceled, that would ultimately mean Jake Virtanen never got a fair shot at becoming a 20 goal scorer thus putting an end to the possibility of witnessing a Surrey native shotgun 3 tall cans in front of a stunned audience.

It would of been the viral moment this network needed.

Oh what a shame.

Yet in consideration, I have mustered up scenarios in which that same Surrey native would indeed put on that show in some capacity for his people.

We will have to let Bondi decide his future.

McDavid vs Pettersson?

This is a possibility.

Actually, scratch that. We must fertilize the flower I planted two paragraphs ago.

Elias and Connor will face off head to head sometime in July during the first round of the NHL playoffs. That’s just a a fact. Thank you, points percentage.

I’m sure that most of my people would be frightened to face off against the greatest player since Wayne Gretzky and company. That being said, those same people will get to witness the true competitive nature from the likes of Pettersson, Miller, Hughes, and Horvat. Players that during the regular season tease you with a glimpse of what level they could enhance to for when the games really matter.

Oh can we just jump through that portal and get inside the 6th month of 2020.

A Question Moving Forward

Are Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes on route to become the best Canucks of all time?

You best believe it.

No seriously, believe it. This is in no offence to Henrik and Daniel who as of now, are the cream of the crop. However, let’s be real. If we truly believe that the best is yet to come, which we should because hello, you cheer for a team that hasn’t won once.

Not once.

In nearly five decades of a passionate and educated fan base following their every steps, the Vancouver Canucks haven’t delivered on their promise once. A damn shame. Truly pathetic.

Anyways, back to the point. If you choose to keep your spirit high and allow your dreams to feel as if they are dreams, you should believe that these two are going to be the best to ever call the Couve’ home. We saw proof all season that both Quinn and Elias have the elite skill and most importantly the competitive nature to guide this team to the promise land.

They are that fucking fantastic at this child’s game called hockey.

Tell Em’ Sat

Don’t be assholes.

Yes, it is important, vastly important to take care of your loved ones.

Having said this, take a moment to remember that we are all on the same team in some fashion. In time’s such as these, do your best to look out for strangers and understand the beauty of doing so.

It’s crazy to think about how one of the first attributes you learn about from your days at Kindergarten is to treat others the way you’d want to be treated. I believed Ms. Moody called it the golden rule. It stuck with me till this day.

Sharing is caring. Sounds cheesy as fuck, but last time I checked we all appreciate cheese so let’s do our best to start loving the act of sharing.

Tell Em Sat #2

Throughout the last 4 years of chasing my purpose, sacrifices have been made and rightfully so. I truly wouldn’t have it another way.

Nevertheless, it is never to late to start over.

I have used this time of uncertainty to build connections with “lost” friends and am hopeful that a physical connection will soon come to fruition.

Fascinating how a state of emergency becomes the reasoning for the important to once again become, important.

Will that mean that @kylebhawan will be spending less time with his vices AKA books? Nope. Nothing can get in the way of the Findian and his reads. That once again, is another fact. Besides that, he may choose to keep his spirit high and avoid screen time during the chaos.

A pleasant read allows you to escape reality. What’s that? Another fact.

Here are the books I’ve read / am currently reading in 2020. Maybe you’ll bag subtance from this presentation after all:

Acid For The Children written by FLEA

If you are seeking an introspective adventure into your time as a child, pick this book up and enjoy the countless stories given by the bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. No cap, this is in my top 5 books of all fucking time.

The Beautiful Ones by Prince

I’ll just leave it at this. This book was brought to life through tragedy. After the icon passed away, the estate found notes the Minnesota native left behind for the purpose of a book. The notes where then compiled and given to the readers for what really was a unique experience to indulge in.

Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis

Uhmm...don’t read this if you aren’t over the age of 26.

Unlucky 13 by James Patterson

If you need something easier to read or a book that will just allow you to build momentum, take in anything from the dude who’s products are littered around your local Shoppers Drug Mart. This book in general is about a group of badass detectives saving the day from terrorists and burger bombers.

Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams by Mathew Walker PhD

A part of me refrained from picking up the following on audible due in large part that sleep hasn’t been a key fixture in my life for years. Seriously, I was scared to absorb the knowledge between the lines. That being said, this is ironically eye opening. For any hustler out there, do your best to squeeze in the hours when you can.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

This is the novel I picked up the other day at the local book store. After 100 pages, it’s quickly holding a spot in my thoughts throughout the day. That’s when I know I’m hooked.

I fucking love books.

That’s All She Wrote

I mean, that’s all he wrote.

Last night, I did creep into the Posted Up Studios to step behind the mic for a bit of a freestyle episode. I just wanted to hear what would come out and give my people something to smile about.

Listen to the latest episode of Sippin’ On A 40 where I just rambled straight from this Findian Heart.

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