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Sippin’ On A Coffee | What A Time To Be Alive

Meaningful Games with zero fans is a possibility

Oh what a time, to be alive.

Are the Canucks going to make the playoffs? And am I going to catch the Coronavirus? I am currently in a Starbucks paying attention to how strong my inhales are. Should I even be here? What happens if I drink Purell? These scenarios are now apart of the thoughts that process in my 18 hours of being awake per day.

This is what happens when you spend time with Dr. Bondi.

Oh what a time, to be alive.

So, How’d The Hockey Game Go....

Your Vancouver Canucks got the job done and picked up two points in a fashion that may have to repeat itself.

As stated many times on Sippin’ On A 40, Travis’s team has to find a different route to the dub than they’ve been accustomed to. For the most part, they’ve been winning as a result of stellar goaltending and timely offence.

Now the route to the same destination has puddles of uncertainty . Whatever that means.

That’s not a complete shot on Thatcher, who was fantastic while allowing four goals on close to 50 shots against the Islanders last night. It’s just a bit of reality mixed in with a team in front of him, incapable of you know, playing steady defence. It’s unlikely Demko will replace the level of play Markstrom gave the Canucks. All he has to do is continue to keep his team close and be opened minded that the loaded attack up front will play it’s part.

5-4 wins, it’s the only way they say.

Tell ‘em Harman

If the know it all is saying it....

What did you say?

After last nights match, I received a text from my good pal Beggsy.

Let me paraphrase the text.

"Tanev's injury shouldn't hurt at all to be honest. The team's been bad at defence with him there anyways. Nobody should be worried and whoever is has a problem with pessimism and needs to seek medical attention. Give Jordie Benn three red bulls and tell him to play like Alex Biega.”

Alright man lol.

I Was Shaking At The Knees

Oh the day’s of my ball hockey career are well behind me. At my prime they called me the seventh-best player on the squad. The Bricksquad, a team named after Atlanta rapper Gucci’s crew.

There wouldn’t be a game without an AC/DC track playing to rally the boys up on route to a disappointing loss. Regardless of the outcome, that band jolted us with the most powerful juice in the world. Hope.

Something about the sonic’s and cadences from my uncles favorite musical entity just reeks hockey. When a song such as “You Shook Me All Night Long” shuffles it’s way to the top of the playlist, the smell of a second-hand bucket creeps into my soul. Oh, the satisfaction.

Anyways, these guys are the sound of hockey for me. Call it cliche or an easy pick, I don’t give a fuck. For the rest of the season, our network will be warming up to some tunes from the Australians and you, yes you, should to.

The Secret Hockey Group

The tweet below tells a couple of true tales.

Hockey and the success of the Vancouver Canucks play a part in the morality of the city’s citizens. That’s just a fact. With the uncertainty of the teams future comes both stress and as yesterday showcases, short term relief.

Short term relief is a beautiful component to life. Dangerous, but nonetheless beautiful.

End of the day, I want what’s best for the city before what’s best for the team and let’s be real. The 50 year old organization that lives in your favorite place would be classified as a failure if they didn’t make the dance.

With all this being said, what about this secret hockey group? Who is in it? And how do you get in? Snoop has to be one of the cooler cats on that cyan app and those fortunate to be in that particular circle are making me jealous.

Explain Yourself Green

How does one go from being a top 6 forward to an immediate healthy scratch?

How does that same player receive more of an opportunity than a highly motivated 18 goal scorer in Jake Virtanen in must win games?

How does the now press box season ticket holder find a spot on this roster next season?


The east coaster has delivered desirable play and most importantly a nail in the coffin to the insurance line.

Offer Is Still On The Table

During a taping of Vancouver’s finest product, Sippin’ On A 40, Bondi and I mentioned how we’d be willing to go under the knife and lend our meniscus’s to Jacob Markstrom.

This is how much we love the city.

Nevertheless, some believe Francesco and the franchise have other tricks in their arsenal to ensure the best for it’s people.

Welcome Back Brock

Boeser returned to the line up last night and played as if he missed a month due to a painful injury.

It is what it is.

Carrying on, the Canucks will have to hope that his legs catch up to his dreams so he can help give this team that edge we talked about earlier. With the likes of Pettersson, Miller, Horvat and Toffoli already slotted in top two lines, Brock’s addition gives Couve’ the opportunity to witness a marvelous offence.

Once again, it will be the only upper hand they have on their quest to bag meaningful dubs.

Don’t Pick Brock

Last nights uninspiring attempt didn’t make the film because it wasn’t worthy of the internet.

That’s The Spirit

Look into this child’s eye and you will find yourself.

It’ll Happen

Arena’s are emptying out across North America and revenues from NHL playoff games will hit an all-time yet reasonable low.

Oh, what a time to be alive.

Honest Blogger Alert

I must be better.

There has been a missing component to the presentation I have brought to life for my fellow Bhawans and I assure to you I will find it. I must.

It may slightly have to do with the fact that I have failed to wake up in the morning to start the process. The snooze button is sort of becoming the heroin that I don’t need. Sippin’ On A Coffee should be inspired by a cup of coffee and the freedom that comes with not over thinking the process.

Mornings would allow my brain to have less time in the day to think. Ahh thinking, what a wonderful yet detrimental action.

I’ll get back the glory days, you know I will. But for now, listen to my voice and enjoy the latest episode of Sippin’ On A 40.

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