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Gamethread #69: Canucks vs Islanders

Canucks looking for a win...just a simple little win.

New York Islanders v Vancouver Canucks

Two years ago, Brock Boeser was having a fine rookie season and then tried to check Cal Clutterbuck , of the Islanders, and ended up hitting the bench door and hurting his butt, which ended his season and any hopes for a Calder trophy.

Tonight Brock returns from a rib injury to try and get the Canucks back on track against the Islanders. Boeser’s return knocks Loui back to the fourth line, which we can all cheer.

As I put in an earlier tweet (a rarity for me as I have basically a handful of followers)

I’m willing to see the team give up a few if they can score a shit-ton. (metric shit-ton)

This is where I thought the team would be at this time of year. Now let’s see if the panic they talk about can create better play...or just more panic.

Go Canucks Go!