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Sippin’ On A Coffee | Meaningful Games lead to Meaningful Emotions

Oh, so this is how it feels?

The year is 2020 and waking up after a loss feels different doesn’t it?

There I was in my bed, once again alone, which I expect to be a trait that comes with being a full-time hockey podcaster, looking at that damn NHL scoreboard from last night.

We wanted meaningful games well damn, we have to expect some meaningful losses.

And meaningful losses dilute life.

It is what it is.

How do you feel?

This is frightening. This is alarming. This right here is damn disgusting.

It’s also some of JD’s best work.

By the way, what does the JD stand for? Personally, I feel as if it can translate to, “Just Delivering”, cause the homie keeps on adding quality tweets to your timeline.

Quality Tweets are ones that unleash the provocateur in you.

Do they piss you off? Maybe depending on the severity of the sensitivity virus you hold.

Do you agree with them? Maybe, cause Markstrom did really give this team goaltending from a man who wanted the “Set For Life” contract.

At the end of the day, Mr.Burke makes my life more entertaining. Besides my bag from Hope allows me to stay stoic while scrolling the cyan colored app.

We Share The Same Library

After squinting towards the following quote, it seems to me that Thatcher and I may indeed share the same book collection.

If you need to add the want for resiliency into your life, I recommend “The Daily Stoic” by Ryan Holiday.

This book is essential for all humans, especially those who replace a Vezina nominee during a playoff push while calling Vancouver home.

The Other Guy Had To Be Named Lou

What are the chances eh?

The man who is set to start in Columbus today goes by the name Louis Domingue. If he has an amazing game today, the likelihood that a portion of the fan base will demand that “LOUUU” starts more games will stem. Where is this team from again?

That notion can’t really be that impossible.

Let’s go through my notes shall we:

  • Demko isn’t replacing Markstrom at the level this team and its horrid defense demands. That’s just a fact. It’s only been three games, but in “these games matter” terms, it feels as if the inevitable has already set in. There is no replacing Markstrom.
  • Goaltending in the National Hockey League is unpredictable. Let’s be real, there is a future Stanley Cup Winning netminder playing for HK Prizma Riga of the Latvian Higher League right now. Let’s be even more real, Markstrom was in contention for the Vezina. Two years ago, he was considered a low-end starting NHL goaltender. The ruler of the universe couldn’t predict the future of the goalie, let alone the one in Vancouver. What is stopping you from coming to terms that Louis Domingue can’t go on one of those bizarre runs similar to that third stringer who won 11 straight with Tampa last year.
  • This is Vancouver. If it can happen to Luongo, you best believe it can happen to Thatcher.

Don’t Worry Demko: Part 1

As much as this is true. Bad goals reek of bullshit.

Don’t Worry Demko: Part 2

Just a quick reminder that Vancouver may not care.

Don’t Worry Demko: Part 3

You tell them Grady Sas. You tell them.

Don’t Say It....

Oh, he said it.

Didn’t know a buyer could have a “good game” with those metrics, especially after a loss to the Ottawa Senators.

You ain’t fooling the city with this one.

Oh We Scoreboard Watching Baby

Eh buddy, you and I we both appreciate a quality cushion. I can guarantee that.

We have no patience for those that are weak and untrustworthy.

You Don’t Need A Calculator

There is nothing more appalling than that magic number the some of you create.

Dishonesty for clicks is so fucking selfish. You should be ashamed to toy with the hearts of those who watch a child's game.

How many points do the Canucks need to lock themselves into a playoff spot? 94? 95? 96? How bout 101? Not sure which stat junkie is in charge of the formula but can you please just figure it out.

Do it for my city. My people. My heart.

Welcome To Vancouver

Where nothing and everything happens all at once.

Never change.

I Said Never Change

There is now proof that people in our city would sacrifice the shot caller for a lack of hockey in April.

For The Love Of...

You are very fortunate that you have an unbelievable name.

Don’t Worry, Quinn Happy

Cause every little thing is going to be alright.

I Haven’t Read This...

But I will go ahead and regret the future by assuming it means one thing.

Elias Pettersson knows he has to be better.

EP40 is as competitive of a hockey player this city has seen since the glory days of RK17. That is just a fact. On top of having a Selke-like motor, he has the utter skills one can only dream about.

He more aware of what’s going on than a dog that seeks that squirrel.

He also wants to be that guy who get’s the bottles poppin’.

The top player from the 2017 Entry Draft has to be super-elite down the stretch here in his sophomore year. Not an easy task when the lights shine the way they do in the Couve.

Enjoy The Day

The tall cans will be on deck once again as I await my destiny. An unpleasing feeling yet one that comes with the outcome of being rightfully wrong.

Speaking of being wrong, a lot of us who call this team their own were incorrect about a lot heading into the season. That again, is one of those realities called a fact.

Anyways, in this moment called today. One that arrives on the first Sunday in March. Here the city is preparing for a real NHL game.

There is so much beauty in this fucking madness.

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