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Gamethread #65: Canucks vs Blue Jackets

The Nucks need a win in Ohio

Vancouver Canucks v Columbus Blue Jackets

If you know of the location of the panic button, please make sure that there is a clear area for the line to form. The Canucks are team that now have some experienced players, but have limited experience in a playoff race. Throwing Demko into the fire is one hell of a way to see if he is actually the goalie of the future. Unfortunately he has been playing a 50 minute game along with his defense.

Today the Canucks play the last game of the road trip in Columbus, a team that is also in the middle of a playoff race in the east. Torts and his team do have experience in this position and will definitely have home ice advantage with a loud arena.

Talk about a must win game....we’ve done that all year. We’ll add this to the list and cheer loudly.

Go Canucks Go!