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Silky N’ Filthy podcast: Goalie Scraps & Russian Raps (FEAT. Cat Silverman)

One of hockey’s brightest minds actually hopped on a show with the tagline “puck talk and bullsh*t.”

Edmonton Oilers v Calgary Flames
Check out our latest episode, where one of hockey’s brightest minds on goaltending, Cat Silverman, gives her take on last week’s tilt.
Photo by Gerry Thomas/NHLI via Getty Images

Here at Nucks Misconduct, on the Nucks Misconduct Podcast Network, we find that it’s our responsibility to bring people on much smarter than us for your listening pleasure.

Hey, it can’t always be just Kyle Bhawan and I waffling between the puck talk and the bullshit.

Well this week, we were lucky enough to have Cat Silverman of InGoal Magazine (and many other publications) join the show to talk about a number of goalie topics including fights, celly’s and rituals. We also got into the goaltending situations both in Vancouver and Arizona.

Other topics include us bringing back “Meanwhile in Canadia” after a long hiatus to talk about one of the most embarrassing stories in the country, from Surrey, no less. Kyle and I also get into a good debate about who’s better, Alex Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby.

Here’s a rundown of the episode:

  • The Ovechkin vs. Crosby debate: who’s better? (4:45)
  • Put Women’s Hockey on the map/Canada vs. USA rematch (14:30)
  • Marky’s case for the Vezina (18:30)
  • Cat Silverman joins Silky N’ Filthy talking goalie fights and celly’s (21:30)
  • Can the Coyotes bust their playoff drought? (28:00)
  • Cat’s thoughts on Jacob Markstrom and the Canucks goaltending situation, and goalie rituals (38:45)
  • Meanwhile in Canadia: Surrey’s archaic fight against Uber... (56:00)