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RECAP: NUCKS WIN - Nothing. Not Even Half-Decent Officiating - Shutout 4-0 By That Team

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Want to watch 2011 Colin Campbell reruns? This is a good flashback

Vancouver Canucks v Boston Bruins
Roos and Eddie Plot Their Payback for the next one
Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

This is one of those games that we just need to move on from. Get out of that city and not look back. The reffing is so bad, that either the mob runs DoPS or Colin Campbell is. Maybe both.

Because the fix is in for the Nucks and Pete, not going to spend much time recounting this travesty of sports. We saw on this road trip through the gutter-reffing of the east, since the AS break, the refs are letting cheapshots and high-sticks on Pete go unpunished.

Which is really stupid, since putting the recent Nucks on the power-play is punishment enough.

Sure, the goonery of the previous century appealed to some fans. However, the NHL claim to want a better, faster more skilled game - where the officials call the cheapshots and ENFORCE the rules, not just interpret them.

If the refs are going to quit calling games in the stretch, can expect the family-friendly Violence-On-Ice playoffs to be a real TV ratings smash.

I’ve already given this game more attention that it deserves.

1st Period

No comment.

They hurt Petey

and I will start throwing things. Jerks. — Chicky

Game thread is much more detached than me.

This just in...

[Redacted] have dirty players — Westy

Why didn’t the Nucks invoke a line brawl to stick up for Petey? No point waiting for the refs to do their duty.

And it gets worse.

Petey is not playing — Westy

But gets a little better.

He’s back

Probably needed to wrap his ribs from that questionable hit — Chicky

Also.... that team scored a goal - on an offside, that was reviewed and considered a good goal for the Campbell portfolio.

You can watch the 2 Johns disbelief HERE. I would embed it, but that would be breaking that rule that I vowed not to break.

Those fans for that team claim it wasn’t offside because not having possession or touching the puck before those players tagged up. Except the clip clearly shows, both possession AND touching the puck to bring it back over the blueline BEFORE those players tagged up.

The NHL and its officials fuck the Canucks over

the hell you say….it can’t be true — Westy

The Nucks are down a fake goal and outshot 13-6. But did kill off the penalty the league jobbed the Nucks with.

Tranquillity returns to the game thread.

not really sure how teams are supposed to compete with that sort of bullshit

I bet we read tomorrow, “Oh we’re so sorry, we made a mistake, sure it might end up costing your team the division or even conference, but whoopsie daisy!” — radivel

2nd Period

With that period out of the way, the Nucks can move forward to look forward to... more special teams play.

Nucks PK kills off a 5-on-3. How’d they get to just the 3?

Alex Edler is having a shit game so far

Can’t shoot…or skate and now takes a penalty to make it 5 on 3 — Westy

But still...

Killed the penalties though!

If this were a video game, our team would get some sort of on fire bonus for succeeding at that.

GW Myers and Tanev. — radivel

And to make it even worse, the Nucks are ‘rewarded’ with a power-play of their own. Not 5-on-0, which would be the only fair advantage for the Nucks 1st unit - and still be a 50/50 thing.

Some limited Nucks O-zone pressure is rewarded with that douche getting a goal on Marky.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse, the Nucks get another PP to add insult to bad 1st unit mojo.

No one in the game thread mentioned firing Brown. But maybe it’s time someone did. As I understand it, Brown gives the 1st unit players lots of leeway to do their own thing. A little too much lee in the way these last few games.

Anyhow... this period is over. Nucks down 2 and only outshot 17-9 in the 2nd.

If not for Marky... well...

Markstrom has been fecking amazeballs this period

just Vezina quality awesome — copey

3rd Period

The game is already lost. The league has already intervened and made their choices. Why the Nucks returned for further abuse is a mystery surrounded by a flock of flesh-eating lawyers.

The comeback kids at least boycotted the period, so that’s something.

Instead of tieing the game, the Nucks give up another 2 goals to that team. Including a short-handed one late in the 3rd when the refs came to play wound-salters.

The game thread hasn’t lost hope though.

blech, everything is going a little wrong

off game from Quinn, Edler, Virtanen

feel bad for Gaudette

I also sense a losing streak coming, as everyone is going cold now, not just Boeser

(marky and petey excluded)

oh, well, it was an awesome run — copey

With that optimistic statement of hope, we can push past getting shutout in that city.

And maybe, just maybe, this game will be a new turning point - similar to what the Nucks did after the [redacted] in Florida. This new [redacted] might just give the team the motivation to crush the rest of the road trip.

Going to skip the video recap because no one needs to hear or watch that team. Ever again.

Stats? None of those either. Colin’s boys already titled the stats.

Let’s just let Trav vent in the Green room.

Not going to waste another simmering vat of dog puke words on that team.

We’re heading back home with a short stopover in Minni to Win. No 3 game losing slides into coach-firing mayhem. The bounce-back has already begun. Your dinner game face is cooking 5PM Thursday.