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Gamethread #64: Canucks vs COTU

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Canucks try and rebound in Ontario.

NHL: FEB 25 Canucks at Canadiens

Ok....where were we? Oh yeah, the Canucks lost to Ottawa because they couldn’t get their skates moving in the first period or the third for some reason. I can’t put the blame solely on Demko, as it a 6 man defensive unit out there, but he does have to be better.

The other issue is Petey. The issue of a sophomore jinx hasn’t been brought this year because Petey is scoring at a higher pace than last year. But let’s talk about him. He has had some games where he has been holding the stick a little tight. For the Nucks to make it to the playoffs, Petey is going to have to be the man, especially without Brock around. Toffoli and Miller have been great and maybe it’s not fair to put it on Petey’s plate, but if he is to be the superstar we all want, then it’s fair to point this out.

The Canucks face the “Best team in Canada!” today. I’m not sure we will hear about the Nucks except at the end of a sentence unless by some miracle John Shorthouse calls the game. The Canucks are in the great position of controlling their own destiny and they need to win just to stay ahead of the wildcard teams.

Today’s drinking game...every time the announcers mention Ayers you drink. Every time Dubas is shown, drink.

Anytime Beagle or Loui miss an open net....drink.

Good luck with your liver.

Go Canucks Go!