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Sippin On A Coffee | Really, Ottawa? They Don’t Even Have Fans

Eh, look at the NHL attendance standings.

In typical @kylebhawan fashion, I must be honest.

I hold only thirty minutes of that prestigious element called time to put together the following presentation for the hundreds and hundreds of readers that appreciatively embrace my words.

Those hundred of hundreds of readers as of now will be referred to as fellow “Bhawans”. Yes, condone it or not, you are all my sisters and brothers.

It is what it is.

Now let’s see where this hazelnut coffee takes us.

We Appreciate You Bobby

Let it be know that I plan to have a child one day with the name Bobby. You heard that right Bobby.

Now if you take a step back and read my offspring's full name, you’ll notice that he or she may endure the pleasure from having the greatest hockey name since Salt Lake Native, Steve Konowalchuk.

Bobby “Fucken” Bhawan.

Oh the future is so bright.

Speaking of the future being brighter than a lamp on Trenbolone, Bobby Ryan had himself a night. In fact, his hatty added sugar to my wounds. A lot of sugar. The amount needed to get over a loss to the hands of the Sens in a resilient matter.

Once again, it is what it is.

Our city will have 19 games remaining to muster up points on route to delivering the people what they want. A playoff spot. Optimism and my order from Hope tells me that the outcome will still leave those under the grey sky, content.

Bobby Ryan deserved this. He deserved to create a speed bump for Demko and the gang. He deserved to have those rare fans in attendance to shower him with love and pride. He deserved this moment.

The #2 overall pick in the Crosby draft way back when the horrible remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was born, has gone through it all. Some would even say the unimaginable. All of which lead him into entering the NHL/NHLPA player assistance program this season for alcohol abuse.

Dive into the story of Bobby Ryan with this piece courtesy of Sportsnet.

Now he’s back and hopefully in a better place. We are wishing you the best. It’s only up from here.


It’s only up from here Bobby.

Alright, How Bout That Game Though

No buyer should lose to a seller post Trade Deadline. That’s just the truth.

The Canucks came out flat once again on this road trip and couldn’t regain legitimate ground. You could say the only players who showed up where those on the top line.

A top line that is exciting as fuck.

Demko Talk

Yup, Thatcher is being thrown in the fire and really hasn’t seen the inferno yet. He’s in charge of backstopping a team that had 16 points collected by Markstrom alone according to those damn fancy stats.

Don’t blame me for that point, blame the heat charts.

Anyways, this is how it’s going to be for Demmer moving forward. He will be expected to be extraordinary because the eye test has shown us all season that Travis’s team cannot play defense.

There will be little sympathy from the city for the “rookie” goaltender. Very little sympathy. This is a city where citizens fought over sidewalk salt during the winter of a couple years ago. Shit is crazy here.

Don’t Go On Twitter Demko

Again, shit is crazy here.

What Else You Sayin’ IceMan?

Today my boss came up to me this morning to give me 15 free minutes of pay by talking about the struggles of the Rooster.

Antoine Roussel hasn’t been the same player, albeit his first game of the season, since returning from a major knee injury he suffered last year. We all know what this dude can bring to table. At his best, he’s a top 10 POS the player, a player the city will fully embrace once he rediscovers his stride.

By the way, POS stands for piece of shit. If you’re a piece of shit player, you piss everyone off on the other team, you are a religious try-hard, and you chip in offence every now and then.

We all know the Frenchman is capable of all that.


Just never forget.

What Darryl?

How is it possible to have your best game of the season, quietly, all while losing 5-2 to a team 12,000 fans care about?

Come on commish, you are better than that.


Yes, 12,000 Fans

What a disgrace to our Country. We are talking about the nation’s capital giving up on their team.


Twelve fucken thousand?

Not Just A Blogger Ladies

Listen to the latest episode of Sippin’ On A 40 to listen to Kyle go off about this loss + he gives Vancouver advice on the Corona Virus.

Reinventing The Game

This is just fascinating.

All of these candidates have given their bank information to the Vancouver Canucks at one point in their lives.

It also demands the reality of the question to be asked. Is Travis Green in contention for the Jack Adams?

No pressure Demko.

Changing The Culture

HNIC needs to find the time to talk to Vancouver’s organization about the impact J.T. Miller has had both on and off the ice. He seem’s to be one of the dudes who brings it in all components of being a professional hockey player.

He provides an unbelievable work ethic with a side of “oh shit he’s this good” skill.

The former Ranger also gifts the fans honesty. Truthfully a trait that demands respect in our community.

Look, Mr. #TheTradeWasWorthIt has been the teams most consistent skater all season and is part of the best impact-now trade made in the NHL over the past 12 months. It’s time for the hockey world to know more about the dude nobody but the local DJ, wanted.

Do your job Elliotte and ask the room what Jonathan Tanner has specifically brought to the city’s team.

Actually do this. Here’s some free executive producing:

  • Invite Benning and Miller into a well lit room surrounded by well positioned Red Cinema Camera’s.
  • Have the two noted above read tweets created by the fans and the MEDIA from moments after the trade was announced on Day 2 of the draft.
  • Show Benning smiling every 8 seconds + Get him to fix his hair using his middle finger.
  • Let J.T. Miller run the show with confident remarks.

Yeah, y’all don’t pay much attention out on the west coast, but this is a damn good comeback story.

What A Gem

Dope story.

When my cousin arrived to Canada from Fiji over 15 years ago, he immediately fell in love with the game of hockey. Originally, he chose the Wild as his team due to the desire of wanting to pick a rival of the place he now called home.

Within five years of watching the sport, his awareness of how the game was played allowed to him select a smarter group of skaters to follow and call his own.

He chose the Blackhawks and till this day I vividly remember him “screaming” after Patrick Kane’s winner against Philadelphia. You could feel the emotion from the noises he couldn’t hear himself. It was painfully beautiful.

Shoutout to this legend for providing post game analysis of the game to those who don’t want to read.

Honest Person Report

Damn, I couldn’t get the job done before my lunch break ended.

Sorry for the late post Bhawans.

Anyways, enjoy your Friday.

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