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Sippin’ On A Coffee | The Best D-Man In Franchise History

Preaching since October, 2019.

I hate time machines. The fascination for them holds no place in my dreams.

With that being said, last night’s win in Montreal for our city felt as if it was I enduring a blast from the past. How does that emotion for a group of strangers playing a child's game arrive at the best of moments?

I don’t know. In fact, I really don’t know where I was driving this introduction. I’m just to here to tell you that felt good. Didn’t it?

It felt very Vancouver.

@kylebhawan Is An Honest Person

Yes, the program you are reading is called Sippin’ On A Coffee. The go-to morning read that comes with the side of a podcast episode you need to tell your step-son about.

And yes, the coffee part of the process is essential to 5:30 AM writes. Yet on this day, this gloomy and gorgeous Wednesday in Burnaby British Columbia, I have chosen to bring you this piece of art accompanied by Green Tea. When waking up this morning to begin the jotting, I realized that I forgot the laptop charger that was in need. A damn shame. A sign of a rookie blogger. A mistake that warrants a sorry to all the fans of the


Now let’s see how things go after drinking this mother fucking green tea. This shit takes me to another planet.

@kylebhawan Is An Honest Person #2

Jake Virtanen is going to be a 20 goal scorer in the NHL by the end of the campaign.

Wasn’t this impossible? Wasn’t he out of shape? Wasn’t he immature? Wasn’t Vancouver a distraction? Wasn’t he lacking IQ in the game of hockey? Wasn’t he useless?

Yup. Wasn’t he useless?

These were all the questions being asked by @kylebhawan and 89% percent of the city prior to the start of this season. Some even would say the Abbotsford native could of been a candidate for a good-old hand gesture goodbye courtesy of the Post Training Camp waiver wire.

He was written off.

But here is the present and holy shit Jake is 2 goals away from sending my ass home in a cab on any given day. This is all in all about to be a humbling and incredible moment that will be remembered till I call the dirt home.

Welcome to Vancouver.

Editors Note: For those that don’t know, Kyle made a bet that if Jake ever scored 20 goals, he would shotgun three tall cans. Virtanen needs two goals in his next 20 games. Say your prayers for Kyle now.

Much Love To Fiji

Eh, you think I ain’t gonna show love to a brother?

I’ll join you soon londa.

Londa is Findian slang for homie. Feel free to use it in your circles.

Boeserless. The Answer is Boeserless.

After watching the last three games with a childish mindset, more and more of me just wants to go against my old-man ethics and purchase that damn time machine.

I just want the city to envision first hand what that top six would create on a nightly basis and if it would compete with the one Vegas has mustered up.

Remember, We Were The First.

After the first game of the season, a member of this fine Network stated on record with his balls on display as if he was a member of the 80’s version of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, that Quinn Hughes was the best blueliner in franchise history.

Just remember, we were the first.

The Chosen One Is A Baller

This city has seen numerous versions of those good defenders who would fall under the top 4 Genre. Eh, I’d even say the likes of Jovo, Lumme, Ohlund and Edler are a full tier above those who were once again, just good.

I guess you could say those names above were real good.

But no one has put on that sweater from Vancouver and been close to what the Florida born is doing right now. No one.

Quinn Hughes isn’t just great. He’s above that. He’s fucken fantastic. He’s the one that every franchise and their fan base marvel at. The one they are openly-envious about. The one that is beginning to become appointment television.

Now was that notion on full display last night in the second prettiest place in Canada? Not at all. In fact that may have been his worst game defensively of the season and in coincided with it being the most physicality he’s absorbed since becoming a pro. However, we are talking bout a real mother fucker on skates.

He was off his game yet found the ability to focus on rebounding any second. That is resiliency you are born with. Not one purchased from a sensai.

In overtime, the should of been second overall pick from the 2018 NHL Draft put on a marvelous performance only he could dish out. An act that ultimately lead to the team absorbing the momentum they needed on route to an eventual game winner.

Eh, we talking about Quinn Fucken Hughes. Enjoy this while it lasts because soon, very soon I’d say, we will not be benefiting from the feeling of that special thing we love called being surprised.

Be Humble. Sit Down.

Eh, you best be working on your dream today.

Calders For Everyone

It’s 2020 and everyone fucken wins.

Just imagine if Monteal had the opportunity to draft Hughes and have him soak up the brilliance of Shae Webber.

Ce serait le moment.

Yes, I Speak French

Oh, you won’t have to worry about not feeling surprised when I showcase my barrage of talents. I got too many in the bank baby.

Listen to the latest episode of Sippin’ On A 40 for a recap of last nights game from 10-year-old @kylebhawan + learn some pickup lines in French.

Eh, Vancouver Chill

Feel free to do whatever the fuck you want to do with your time.

My faith is that those that choose to use energy worrying about potential Assistant General Managers possess the understanding of time and that time thing is all we got.

Once again, time is all we got.

This ain’t a shot. Remember I got faith. I’m just saying, we talking bout a potential Assistant General Manager. A POTENTIAL ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER. Maybe age has something to do with it, but my care for the departure of a maybe-assistant is at an all time low.

And heck maybe this sounds as if it is coming from a poor-mans entrepreneur, but I’m hoping that if Judd leaves, it’s because he is trying to move on up in this business. As he should.

Don’t worry. If it happens, it is what it is.

Salute To A Voice Of The City

Honest person, honest blogger. I haven’t read what is in the link below. For all I know a click may just infect your computer with more spy’s,

But it looks cool.

Al, if this thumbnail is 100 % real and Forbes really chose to feature you, congratulations. That is absolutely beautiful.


We’ve all wanted the NHL to take parts of other sports in it’s attempt to push the needle and create more viewership.

This, this right here, is so Neymar and so outstanding.

Thank shall be given to you buddy.

The World Is Beautiful

I fuck with apologies and #shotgunjake.

It’s ours.

Seriously in the WORLD OF SPORT who the fuck devours a beer after a middle tier player scores a bingo.