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Sippin’ On A Coffee | Entertainment & Agony

It’s what you receive when cheering for the Vancouver Canucks.

The city can just never have it easy eh?

Moments after Jim Benning’s company phone ran out of purpose Monday afternoon, fans of the Canucks got hit with news that ultimately embodies the trials and tribulations of well, being a fan of the Canucks.

With that being said, you are here for some vibrancy so that’s what my fingers will deliver.

Enjoy the read.

Thanks Patrick Johnston

One tweet changed the world.

What’s Up Doc?

That meniscus...

Much Love to Markstrom

Let’s be real here. There is a decent chance that we won’t see Jacob for a long time.

Let’s follow that up with being even more real. There is the possibility of him never being able to claim that net as his own. It’s #DemkoTime and the city needs the other guy with a dash of promise to be just as fantastic as Marky. And let’s say he is fantastic, do we see Green giving the crease back to Jacob or ride the hot-hand with recent reps.

Goaltending, it’s just a wacky position.

At the end of the day, much love to Markstrom. The dude has been through hell and back this season. After the death of his father at the start of the campaign, the upcoming UFA impossibly never missed a beat from the momentum he began building late last season. Somehow, someway he was able to hold it together a feat many wouldn’t be able to do and rightfully so. It’s his dad were talking about.

But he did and he did so for your Vancouver Canucks. For the fans. For the coaching staff. For the players on that roster. The dude is an absolute gamer.

The ultimate competitor.

Look no further to this quote from Saturday’s ass kicking handed to the Bruins in which the 30-year-old left for the first of two injuries suffered. I don’t think it was a joke.

No Pressure Demko

How good does a goalie have to be when his team trades first and second round picks and is horrible at defense?

Can He Do It?

Well, he kind of has to.

This team isn’t improving defensively over night and has the expectations of playing in games 83 and beyond.

Even on a personal level, Demmer has to make the most of this new opportunity. It was written in the story that he would be brought back as a backup next season to the Vezina Winner in front of him thus leading him to wait for those two items an athlete covets most.

More playing time and a bigger contract.

Go write a new narrative Thatcher.

Listen to the latest episode of Sippin’ On A 40 to hear the networks predictions on what’s to come with Demko in charge.

You’re Right, That Would Be Cool

That dude from Richmond is still around.

Troy Stecher has been somewhat of a polarizing figure in the market over the past couple of months. With his minutes being played with and the reality of an arbitration case that would deliver a result the organization has no chance of matching due to Beaglism, rumors of a potential departure were warranted.

But for now, he can go ahead an attempt that really cool thing.


Listen to my beautiful voice and comment below.

Poor Jim Benning

The most entertaining GM in the National Hockey League couldn’t make the splash he envisioned making for months.

Keep Dreaming Buddy

Let’s just focus on the present and leave the off-season for the off-season cause for real, this shit is going to be messy and problematic.

How’s Taj Doing?

I’ll assume even though assumption should be illegal in most parts in the world, and say Taj celebrated after this trade was made.

The Markstrom Injury with the Benning doubt will lead Taj to be a must-follow down the stretch here.