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Last Week on The Quickie | Long Live Troy Stecher

Don’t you want to see the local kid suit in in playoff games for his hometown team?

Nashville Predators v Vancouver Canucks
No one would work harder in the playoffs than Troy from Richmond. Compete per 60 is off the charts.
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With just five minutes per day to record the fastest hockey podcast known to man us...sometimes the episodes can get quite emotional.

That emotion was on display last week, and especially during this morning’s episode with the trade deadline fast approaching.

How much do you trust Jim Benning?

I asked this question after the Tyler Toffoli trade. Specifically, I went through some of Jim’s past instances where he traded away prospects.

Ironic takeaway: perhaps he’s done better than we think?

The irony of being a Leafs fan

It was a fun week to roast the Leafs (and it only got worse after they lost to a 42-year-old Zamboni Driver).

I was on the Leaf-roasting train back on Wednesday, when I talked about the ironic take from fans and media in Leafland in February of 2019.

Remember when they were crying for a different playoff format? How would that work for them now?

NHL standings as of February 24, 2020.

Who’d You Rather: Cats or Buds?

With the Florida Panthers and Toronto Maple Leafs both on the cusp of the playoffs I asked the question, who would you rather see in the dance?

I think we all want the Leafs to miss the playoffs, but they are entertaining to watch....on the flipside, do you want to cheer for one of the saddest fan bases in the league?

Biggest Game of the Year: Part 61

The Canucks were in a precarious position heading into the weekend. As they prepared to face the best team in the league, most of their rivals had multiple games on the schedule from Friday through Sunday.

Of course, the Canucks smoked the Bruins, and only Vegas picked up four points among their rivals. The Oilers, Flames and Coyotes picked up two points each, while the Winnipeg Jets lost both their games in regulation.

Monday Morning Quickie: Long Live Troy Stecher

I’ll look to include my Monday morning Quickie when I make this post on Monday mornings. On this one, I look at the Tyson Barrie trade rumours while talking about Stecher’s value to the team.

In other news, these results were...interesting.

At the time of writing, the results were around 60% saying “nah” on Tyson Barrie. It’s surprising to read that after many seems stoked at the idea of getting Barrie at the draft last year. However, his abysmal defensive performance in Toronto, coupled with Quinn Hughes’s absolute brilliance, had undoubtedly diminished the thirst for Barrie.

Aside from that Stecher’s defensive value is greater than Barries. That, and it’s easy to cheer for the hometown boy. Stecher is a heart and soul player that never lacks in effort, and he’s a smart hockey player. Why not see what he can bring to the team during the playoffs?