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Sippin’ On A Coffee | Revenge Game & What About Richmond?

How’s it going Vancouver?

Ahh, what did 2 Unlimited ask us back in 1991?

It’s a fitting feeling knowing that tonight’s version of a Saturday night game in the depths of February actually matters. This is how Vancouver is suppose to smell.

But first, what did @kylebhawan do last night?

He went 1 for 5 because he was living his Benning life and momentum is a hack. March is pretty much here like your Uber and the minutes left to acquire a first-class start this decade, yes decade you moron, are dwindling down.

Keep on swinging. Keep on swinging. Keep on swinging.

Speaking of swinging...

So is anyone going to deck that Grizzly dude on the Bruins tonight? Oh what’s his name? Matt Grzelcyk.

Damn, that’s a dope ass name.

Anyways, something should happen after the cheap shot Matt dished out on 2042 Hall of Fame inductee Elias Pettersson. Right? Hockey Night In Canada, a game against the Bruins, a Saturday that holds weight in Vancouver. Let’s be real here folks, there is a chapter to be made.

Now in reality

The dude with the incredible NHL name doesn’t have to get hurt or feel any amount of pain that lives with him for more than 18 seconds. But, someone has to do something.

Eh, don’t blame me for promoting a gram of violence. Blame my recent first viewing of “The Godfather”.

Give him a tap, call him a dumbass, slash his shins in that spot where there is never any padding, Just gift the city something. It was Elias “The Reason We Are All Back” Pettersson.

And if nothing happens?

Wakes up Sunday morning and checks phone.

The Vancouver Canucks have traded a 2022 First Round Pick and Sven Baertschi to the New Jersey Devils for Wayne Simmonds.

Pat Maroon really did change the NHL.

What rhymes with Lust Sin?

Yes, tonight is a must win game due in large part to it also being a swing game.

Listen to the latest episode of The Quickie for Beggsy’s take on the game tonight.

Pick up the dub at the Rog against the best team in the National Hockey League and you head into the last quarter of the season with a Vezina Nominee and the ballsiest General Manager, feeling wonderful.

The team loses and you, yes you, are stirring the pot to yourself by thinking about the possible. Are the Canucks going to miss the playoffs? And uhh, what about those assets the franchise thrifted away unsparingly.

It’s been, for the most part, a remarkable season. A lot of rights that sit beside those few wrongs are in the tale, yet you can feel that weird feeling beginning to creep it’s way to your door. Well, I do at least.

And I fucking hate it. Don’t do this to the city.

Reason why he’s the best in franchise history #169

What’s that? Facts.

What about Richmond?

I’m not sure why the internet is telling me that it’s The Canucks vs. Troy Stecher again, but it is.

I’m also not sure why everyone would be so up in arms if a move were to be made involving a defenseman not named Quinn Hughes. Have you seen this team in their own zone for the last 12 months?

If it happens, it is what it is.

Why though?

Moves such as this could see the light of day with a “cheaper” cost in let’s say, July? But this is a Jim Benning run team and Jim Benning is living like Benning so who the fuck really knows what is about to happen.

Alright, enjoy your night.

Do yourself and your crew a favor and use this song as pump up music for one of the best Saturday’s in recent time.

Enjoy and remember,

Live your Benning Life. Oh and, #voteforbeggsy.