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Gamethread #61: Canucks vs Boston

This is the game to win for the Canucks

NHL: FEB 19 Wild at Canucks Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In the list of must win games for the year, I think this one is pretty high. From a standings point of view, the Canucks could be back in 1st place in the Pacific with a win. From a psychological perspective, a win against this dirty Bruin team is what the Nucks need before they go off on a Eastern Canada road trip.

The Bruins did the Canucks a favor yesterday by beating the Oilers first and then the Flames last night. We tried the not mentioning their name last game, but they didn’t work. Instead I am going to throw the onus on Tyler Toffoli to go out there and hit some people and score a couple goals. You better do something in the short time you’re probably here.

Trade deadline is Monday. We are still taking offers for Jimmi.cynic.

Go Canucks Go!