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Sippin’ On A Coffee | Save the team Elias

No Pressure Kid.

Let’s be as real as we can be. Cool?

Teams who trade asset after asset after asset and have gone all in to treat their fans, shouldn’t lose to a team like the Minnesota Wild. Your Vancouver Canucks have done so twice.

Elias Pettersson’s team in struggling. That’s not Thursday morning pessimism. That’s Thursday morning I’ve taken 2 sips out of my adult coffee, honesty.

Tell us something else Taj...

It’s safe to say the most provoking human on Twitter was #livinglikeBenning last night.

Wait, Bruce got fired?

Uhmm, did the #strongbubbleteam from our city really lose to a team who’s bench boss looked very interim-ish. Real talk, he resembles an EA Sports version of an NHL coach.

Truth be told, I forgot Bruce Boudreau got relieved of his duties. The more remarkable tidbit on Boudreau out there is in Russo’s brilliant piece on The Athletic. On top of that, I shared the damn piece in between my hockey circles.

Yet I still forgot. That happens with news related to the team that plays in the city the late & historic Prince is from.

So what about Toffoli?

The man they use to call cupcake fit well with the top line and set up Miller with a beautiful pass for the teams second goal of the game.

Tyler also gave this beautiful “I’m a top 6 winger in a Canadian Market” interview after the first period.

He do anything else?


Wait.... Cupcake?

Apparently that’s his nickname alongside “Top Titty” Toffoli. Or was it “Titty Boy”?

Listen to the latest episode of Silky N’ Filthy where we sit down with Robyn. She knew all the facts about the newest Canuck.

Alright, let’s talk about the title

Vancouver needs more from Elias and they’ll get it.

Something is telling me that the best of EP40 will arrive during the most important time of the season, which is right now. As we spat out earlier, the team is struggling. The cushion the city built up 15 days ago is weaker than a 7-year-old ULLKAKTUS.

This is when the best get going and that’s what Pettersson is...right?


He has shown glimpses throughout his extremely short career that he can take over games single handily. With just 22 games remaining in the season, the team needs him take charge in at least 21 of those games. Seriously. It’s time for “The Alien” to show the league why he does belong in the tier with likes of Auston Matthews, Artemi Panarin and Jack Eichel.

Here’s a “bold” take. Pettersson becomes the teams MVP based on what he’s about to do. Sorry Markstrom, you won’t be able to take the 2020 Cyclone Taylor Trophy to the negotiating table.

Listen to the latest episode of Sippin’ On A 40 to hear The Network ramble about everything from The Godfather to Elias’s duties down the stretch.

Besides, Quinn can’t do it by himself.

Let’s take a moment to wish well on those who still believe Edler is the greatest Canucks Dman of all time.

Quinn has already surpassed him. That again, is just a fact.

Just a whisper?

Come on, we know you can’t name your sources but can we use another word instead of whispered. Who is whispering in your ear that #88 is available?

I don’t buy it.

This type of reporting is the another reason why you should #voteforTrevor.