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Nucks Mis Reloaded Fantasy Hockey

Let’s get it going

Hello Everyone,

The NHL and its players seem to have got their crap together and are going to be playing some hockey in 2021. It’s a shortened season and some crazy divisional realignment, but it’s hockey none the less.

Nucks Misconduct has had a fantasy keeper league for many years now and would like to do so again. We have 16 teams, but not all the managers have said they are are in this year, so we want to hear from all the team managers and anyone else interested in being part of the league.

Current team managers please go to the league in Yahoo and let Philly Canuck know if you are in or out. (He is looking for a replacement as Commish if you want more work).

Anyone else that wants in, please leave a note here so he/me knows the interest level.

Right now we have a keeper league, but there have been some rumblings of a redraft. That decision might be made once we have an idea of interest.

Let it be known that Kent guarantees he will be last place yet again this year.