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Wake With Elias: Dog Days of November

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Lots going on in the world, not much for the Canucks

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NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Vancouver Canucks at Vegas Golden Knights Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Canucks News

  • Yesterday in 1991, Pavel Bure made his Canucks debut:
  • A prospects update from Chris Faber [CanucksArmy]
  • Harman Dayal on why Jayce Hawryluk could be a good fit with the Canucks [The Athletic]
  • Dayal also joining the Avid Discussers Podcast:
  • Jalen Chatfield may have options overseas:

NHL News

  • 4 NHL players who may benefit from a long playoff run [Sportsnet]
  • An interview with Willie O’Ree, the NHL’s first black player [CBC]
  • Only tangentially related, but the NBA looks set to start December 22nd. Could this influence the NHL’s thinking? Perhaps: