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Vintage Vancouver Millionaires Sweater Hits Auction

The rare sweater is thought to be from the 1922-23 or 1923-24 seasons and is up for bid at Lelands Auctions.

A very rare auction lot is up for bidding at Lelands Auctions until December 11th. The item in question is a Vancouver Millionaires sweater from either the 1922-23 or 1923-24 season that has remained in strong condition over the last almost one-hundred years.

The Millionaires are the only Vancouver team to have ever won the Stanley Cup and they added an additional six Pacific Coast Hockey Association championships along the way.

The sweater’s last home was at the Hockey Museum in Kingston, Ontario but the piece of memorabilia will now go to whoever the highest bidder is at the end of the auction period. The winner of the auction will have to make the decision on if they want to keep the sweater for their personal collection or potentially donate it to somewhere else.

For younger hockey fans who may not have a robust historical knowledge of the game, the sweater can be shocking at first glance as it’s so different from anything made today. The high quality craftsmanship is obvious at first glance and only becomes more impressive upon the discovery that the same six original wooden buttons have never been replaced.

The original owner is thought to be have been goalie Hughie “Old Eagle Eyes” Lehman who played for the Millionaires before eventually playing for the Chicago Blackhawks in the Original Six days. Best estimates on the total number of sweaters produced lands somewhere around fifteen.

There are slight signs of age, such as a few small holes as well as some damage around the patches but the overall condition is very strong considering the age of the piece. Whoever is the auction’s winner will be lucky to have such a great piece of Vancouver hockey history in their collection.