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Wake With Elias: Gino ROH Talk and World Juniors Updates

Lots of talk around Gino Odjick and the Ring of Honour and some WJC updates


Canucks News

  • There was a push this week for Gino Odjick to have his name put into the Ring of Honour. I respect the sentiment, but I’m not sure I buy the argument. Nothing against Gino, but it should be more exclusive than that [Global News]
  • Premier John Horgan weighed in on the issue for some reason:
  • Thomas Drance on what’s next for the Canucks’ young core [The Athletic]
  • A new VANcast on coaching contracts [The Athletic]
  • David Quadrelli on the Canucks’ trade tiers [CanucksArmy]
  • Some comments from Nils Hoglanders’ GM:

NHL News

  • A quarantine is now in effect for Canada’s world junior team [CBC]
  • Officials announced for the 2021 World Junior Tournament [Hockey Canada]
  • With the quarantine, is the tournament in trouble? [Vancouver Is Awesome]
  • And Mikhail Sergachev has signed a four-year, $14.4 million extension with the Tampa Bay Lightning [TSN]