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OEL or No-EL and draft talk | Dude, Where’s My Towel

Any day now, Oliver Ekman-Larsson could be a member of the Canucks

Jacob Markstrom, potentially gone. Tyler Toffoli, potentially gone. Oliver Ekman-Larsson, potentially in?

That of course was the talk of the town surrounding your hockey team. At the time of typing, it seems the Canucks are the only team in on the Swedish defencemen, which makes it seem that they’ll be able to get him for a decent price.

But let’s remember, everyone said the same thing about J.T. Miller last year. Tampa Bay was up against it with the salary cap and needed to shed salary. That cost them a 1st round pick.

Now obviously that worked out but you got to wonder what the Coyotes would want back for OEL. Rumours have it that they want a first-round pick and a good prospect. Is that something the Canucks should give up for someone who’s age doesn’t really fit with the team’s core?

There’s also the salary situation. No trade is going to work unless the Coyotes retain salary, or take back a contract that the Canucks have like Sutter or Eriksson. Do the cash-strapped Coyotes want to do that?

I tweeted this out a few days ago, but if the price of OEL is a package of significant assets, it would probably be wiser to go for a guy who’s younger and fits the core more.

While this episode was mostly a preview of the 2020 NHL Draft, we discussed the OEL situation and much more on the latest episode of Power Of The Towel for the Nucks Misconduct network.

Waiting, and waiting, and waiting…

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Canucks don’t pick until the 3rd round this year.

Hopefully, myself and Scott Wheeler nailed this prediction correctly when we discussed who the Canucks could take with that pick.

Draft Platitudes

Fun fact: the steal of the draft is — once again — the guy who drops and gets picked in the 20s for the 8th consecutive year. So congrats to the Dallas Stars for getting the “steal of the draft”.

The other one is of course the players taken way too early. Think we nailed that one as well.

You Got A Friend In (Us)

Friend of the show Scott Wheeler has a bit of a reputation in the city of Vancouver as a “Toronto guy”.

That’s usually the kiss of death on the west coast. But voting for Quinn Hughes over Cale Makar for the Calder Trophy? That’s going to earn you some brownie points.