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2020 NHL Entry Draft First Round Open Thread

Not much to see here from a Canucks standpoint unless Jim Benning pulls off some magic.

NHL: NHL Draft Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Well, at least J.T. Miller wasn’t a flop, right?

And while he certainly gave the Canucks a decent enough return, the Canucks still need to add some pieces before they can seriously be considered contenders again. A lot of this will fall to Jim Benning, and what he’s able to do trying to get the Canucks out of their cap conondrum. The draft picks that they’ve made over the past couple years will have to show they’re ready to battle for a lineup spot. And they’ll have to continue to try and fill depth gaps, a task made harder in a not particularly deep draft year because they don’t have a pick until the #82 selection in Round 3.

So while other teams spend tonight celebrating that they’ve drafted Alexis Lafreniere, Tim Stuetzle, Quintin Byfield or one of the other top prospects, we wait. Wait for Jimbo to do something to clear up some cap space, and maybe get a pick a little closer than the one they have. And that’s so we don’t have to see stuff like this:

Could this change? Maybe. Should this change? Definitely. Will this change? Well, are you new to following the Canucks? If you are, I have some bad news for you.

Tomorrow, we’ll be providing profiles on the picks that they do make, as well as any relevant trades that go down. If you’re watching, have fun I guess?