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Who Should Own The Crease, Demko’s Style, and a Calder Clownshow | Dude, Where’s My Towel

Another well informed episode of Power Of The Towel out for everyone.

For the first time maybe ever, I’m not sure if Jacob Markstrom will be with the Vancouver Canucks next season.

To be clear, friend of the show Rick Dhaliwal is reporting that both sides want to get a deal done. But it sounds like the Canucks are playing a bit of hardball in terms of the term and whether his contract will have expansion draft protection.

It’s not at a point like Alex Pietrangelo with St. Louis where there’s been a big enough impasse that he’s bolting. But Detroit has been rumoured to be in on Markstrom, and both Alberta teams would love to have a stable goalie like Markstrom between the pipes.

I still think a deal will get done, but it’s now more up in the air than it’s ever been. And who better to discuss the Canucks goalie situation with than the goalie whisperer himself Kevin Woodley, the guest on this week’s episode of Power Of The Towel.

The Decision between the pipes

We asked Kevin Woodley the question everyone has been wondering right off the bat.

It may not surprise you, but it’s important to know that Markstrom is still the guy here in Vancouver until otherwise proven.

Afer all, he was the team MVP.

Demko Debate

Can Thatcher Demko’s style mesh well with the Canucks long term?

The answer is — he’s got a style that can work behind almost any team. Goalie guru Kevin Woodley also breaks down perfectly why Demko had so much success against the Vegas Golden Knights.

Potential Markstrom Deal

If you’re hoping for the Canucks to re-sign Jacob Markstrom, the good news is it appears to be a buyer’s market for goaltenders this offseason.

Plenty of options will be out there, from certified number one’s like Markstrom, to timeshare candidates like Thomas Greiss.

Could that help with Markstrom’s deal in terms of the Canucks perspective? Maybe.

Clowning around with the Calder

We at Nucks Misconduct obviously wanted and thought Quinn Hughes deserved to win the Calder.

If not for the shortened regular season, he probably would have broken some significant rookie defencemen records.

But it was clearly a two-horse race. Hughes and Makar were head and shoulders above everyone. That’s why I was so surprised that there were voters, who are paid to watch this sport, not put Quinn Hughes in their top two for the Calder. Those third-place votes added up and maybe give Makar the slight edge he needed.

Feel free to view the full list here but I went over on my podcast all the absolute fucking clowns who didn’t put Hughes in the top two.