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Offseason WTF’s & Bargain Bin Beauties | Silky N’ Filthy Podcast

A full season of puck talk and bullshit is now in the books.

costumed fans
In third period action, an odd assortment of fans showed up dressed for Hallowe’en. The Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-1 at the Air Canada Centre Saturday night. October 26, 2013
Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty Images

A full season of puck talk and bullshit is now in the books.

On the latest episode of the Silky N’ Filthy Podcast here on the Nucks Misconduct Network, Kyle Bhawan and I wrap up the season that was, talk about some of the biggest “what the fuck” moments from the offseason, and highlight some bargain bin beauties that are still available on the market.

Unlike the free agent frenzies of the years past, there wasn’t as many head-scratching decisions because of the flat cap. However, we did pick out five different stories that did make us itch our noggins.

In terms of the bargain bin beauties, I also bring up one guy that I previously discussed on The Quickie Podcast. As much as some pundits might want to mention guys like Mike Hoffman as a possibility for the Canucks, I created a list of players that could be had at a more reasonable rate considering Vancouver’s cap crunch.

You can skip to the end of the podcast if you want to hear that list.

Thanks again to all who have tuned in throughout the year. Kyle and I have had a blast linking up every week to churn out that silky mix of puck talk and bullshit, and we hope you’ve had fun listening as well.

Nick Bondi, host of the Power of the Towel Podcast, might be carrying the weight on the Nucks Misconduct Podcast Network for the next little bit. He’s been publishing some fantastic work, so go check out that podcast if you’ve yet to do so.