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Canucks 2019-20 Playoff Report Cards: J.T. Miller

Mr. Unsung led the way in the playoffs.

Vegas Golden Knights v Vancouver Canucks - Game Six Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

Who doesn’t love J.T. Miller? If we go back to June 2019, almost no one loved him. This trade by GMJB, might be the best he has pulled off. (granted his other work has been iffy at best)

Miller was brought in for a goalie the Canucks never used and some picks for future players. Maybe one of them was in the first round...yes, that’s right, it was the golden first round pick that maybe Canucks Twitter collectively crap their pants. Funny enough, Miller was part of another trade that sent him to Tampa and a 1st rounder went the other way.

Jonathon Tanner was a “gritty” third line in Tampa Bay, who was signed to a contract that the Lightning just couldn’t afford any more. (Sounds familiar) GMJB wanted grit and a playmaker for Petey and wasn’t scared to spend a 1st rounder for him....and a 3rd.

I’m not sure if J.T. read any of the media stories when he arrived for training camp. I wouldn’t of. If he did, it must have motivated him. Miller led the Canucks in goals....assists and therefore points as well. And he did this while Canucks Twitterverse continued to say he sucked. Unlike the Canucks organization, I won’t publish tweets from people who complained about it......unless you’re media

Here is what i wrote after the trade:

“The big trade between Vancouver and Tampa Bay will certainly be talked about at least until the next draft as it involved a 1st round pick. I like J.T. Miller and what he brings to this team. I like first round picks. I am not sure what will be more valuable to this team 3 years from now. I do know this though, if the Canucks are a lottery team two years from now that Benning and Green will both be fired and the new brass will have to start again to some degree. The Canucks want to be in the playoffs this year and Miller can potentially help this team do that. If the Canucks make the playoffs this year, then we all rejoice and cry a bit during the draft. Maybe Benning picks a fat contract from another team during the summer and gets a pick as well? (I doubt it)”

Here is what the man did during the year:


Jumped to the playoffs and Miller continued his role as team leader in the room and on the ice. While it looked like he had an injured wrist at time, miller was still tied for team lead in points with Petey. He was willing to through his body around and get dirty in the corner.


Miller has a tendency to take penalties when he stays out too long on a shift and he sometimes holds on to the puck to long.....but I can forgive all of that.

He is still isn’t a 1st round pick.

Other than that, let it be known that without Miller, the Canucks would have been a far worse team and they would have not gone on the glorious run in the playoffs.

Best Attribute:

Besides all the points he scored?

How about this?


J.T. “Unsung Hero” Miller had a super year for the Canucks and I look forward to more years of him feeding Petey one-timers.

Grade: A- (Just because he is not a first rounder)