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Blame for everyone!

GMJB is a hero or the villian...but we forgot to look towards the coach

2020 NHL Draft - Round 2-7 Photo by Paul Albi/NHLI via Getty Images

Sit down…grab a drink. If you have a Twitter account or subscribe to one of the other site, I’m sure you have seen all the love or hate for GMJB. The draft was uneventful, not having a 1st or 2nd round pick made the first day….boring. The whole “OEL” drama added some excited to the week, but realistically that deal would have been bad in many different ways, like 2 years from now when OEL is slower and getting injured and not producing points.


There were many targets for GMJB to focus on as FA started. Marky or Toffoli seemed to be the public’s focus. Marky was an interesting case as it was reported that the Canucks offered him a 2 year contract earlier in the season that would have paid him roughly $4.5 million/yr. Marky said no and his camp said “they would wait to negotiate until after the season”. That was a gentle fuck you to Benning and the Canucks. There was no more talk of contract by Markstrom in the media. In fact, Marky was very quiet period, about staying in Vancouver. I think he knew the writing was on the wall about Demko being the goalie of the future and was set on being a FA. The one thing I find very interesting is that Marky was injured at the end of the playoffs, to the point he wouldn’t even dress as the backup. The injury must have been serious. So serious in fact that a month later the Flames gave him a 6 year/ $6 million/yr contract.

There was one comment from Eddie Lack on Twitter that kind of got under my skin a bit:

If Eddie is blaming the players in front of Marky for poor performance over the past couple years, then those players can also point the finger at Marky for the same performance level. Glove hand over his 6’6 shoulder was a common spot for opposition teams to score on Marky. Brutal.

Jacob Markstrom had no intention of ever staying in Vancouver. You could try and blame this GMJB, but in the end Markstrom got paid from another team that will have him until he’s 36 years old.


**Disclaimer – I have been asking for the Canucks to trade Tanev for years now.

Chris Tanev had a hell of a year. Career high in points and he played every single game. Unfortunately he did this in a contract year, which always seems to be the case. Before this year Tanev was lucky to play in 75% of the season, as his style of blocking shots had led to a lot of injuries. I think most of us realize that Tanev is one slapshot away from another long term absence and while we love that toothless grin and willinginess to block a shot, there is also the understanding that Tanev is not an ideal 1st line Dman, so GMJB shouldn’t pay him like one. Much like Marky, Tanev chose money and term over a chance to grow with this group of young guys.


Troy from from Richmond’s case might make you look at the other two situations a little differently. Troy and Travis Green have had a strained relationship at times. Travis wants Troy to play a more up tempo type of game while moving the puck up the ice and then be able to shift quickly back to defensive responsibility. Troy has rode the bench a few times over the past couple years because Green hasn’t liked what he saw. Unlike Marky, Troy had said he would have liked to stay in Vancouver.

So why would Troy from Richmond take a pay cut to play in Detroit when the Canucks need RH defensemen? The Canucks didn’t qualify Stetch hoping they could get him at a cheaper price, it didn’t work out. If I was a guessing man…and here I am guessing, I would say that Troy just didn’t want to play for Green for a lesser amount. And I’m not sure Travis Green is too distraught over this.

The belief that all moves in the offseason are solely on GMJB’s shoulders is naïve. Travis Green definitely has a say in who he thinks fits in his system and needs have to be filled. You would have to believe that if Greener wanted Stetch to be part of the future, that an offer would have been made. Look how the Canucks are openly dragging their feet on dealing with Jake. They don’t really want him either.

I am really surprised at the lack of acknowledgement that Travis Green is as much to blame for some of these moves as GMJB is. Green did a good job at adjusting his strategy with his players over the first two playoffs rounds, but he couldn’t adjust when it came to playing Vegas. Could those players have won with a different coach…..who fucking knows.

What I do know is that Green will earn his paycheck this year with a depleted D-core and a new starting goalie. I have always complained about the sit back mentality this system and the system is Green’s. For those of you calling for GMJB’s head….you better also look at his coach