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Gamethread #43: Canucks vs Lightning

Canucks go out on the road needing to keep winning.

NHL: OCT 11 Canucks at Lightning Photo by Mark LoMoglio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The new year started off on a good note as the Canucks squeaked out a win against the Rangers. Now the Canucks head out on a 5 game road trip, starting in Tampa Bay. The Nucks have won the last two out of three in the Lightning’s arena. The Lightning are on their own hot streak, winning their last 7 in a row as one team will be pissed tonight.

Just some gentle reminders to keep things in persepctive:

1. After 42 games last year the Canucks were 19-19-4 in 5th place in the division and 10 points out of first. This year the Canucks are 23-15-4 and 4 points out of first place in the division.

***St. Louis was last in the league at this point last year and won the whole fucking thing,

2. 4 players could get to 70+ points this year if they remain healthy. (I won’t name them so the injury fairies have to guess.)

3. The Canucks are an average 5 on 5 team —— all the stats confirm this.

4. Every team int he conference can still maker the playoffs, so the Canucks need to win 3 out of every 5 games to secure a spot.

Let’s keep it going tonight.

Go Canucks Go!