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Silky N’ Filthy podcast: January’s Beauties & Best Aussie Slangs (feat. Tanbir)

Surrey’s finest hops on for one of two episodes out NOW on the network.

Vancouver Canucks v Tampa Bay Lightning
Between Elias Pettersson and Andrei Vasilevskiy, who cracks the Beauty Power Rankings this month?
Photo by Scott Audette/NHLI via Getty Images

It’s not everyday that get an expert on beauties to join in the studio for a Beauty Power Rankings episode.

And no, I’m not just selfishly self-inflating my own tires.

Our Beauty Power Rankings are BACK on Silky N’ Filthy. The list took a hiatus last month after we discussed the top ten beauties of the decade in December.

The rankings have a heavy bias on performances since Christmas, which is why perennial beauties (sorry, Canucks fans) David Pastrnak and Brad Marchand fell off the list this week. In total, five new names joined the list this month, including one guy that came out of nowhere.

Speaking of guys that came out of nowhere, we were lucky enough to have Tanbir from Surrey join us in the studio for this episode of Silky N’ Filthy. He talks about his Canucks fandom, when he started to respect Patty Kane, his take on sports betting and more.

Also, tune in to Sippin’ on a 40 for Tanbir’s heartfelt apology to TSN 1040, the station where he made his name.

For the January Beauty Power Rankings Silky N’ Filthy though, here’s a rundown of the episode:

10. Patrick Kane (17 points in 13 games since Christmas) & respecting his game : 5:20

5. Elvis Merzlikins (12 GP, 9-2-1, .951, 3 SO since Christmas): 23:30

4. Alex Ovechkin (12 goals in 12 games since Christmas) & All-Star suspension thoughts: 25:40

2. Connor McDavid (14 points in 9 games since Christmas) & : 29:15

Who would you rather have in their prime, Connor McDavid or Sidney Crosby? 36:30

Top 10 Aussie Slangs, 40:00

10. Accadacca: ACDC

9. Macca: McDonalds

8. Mozzies: Mosquitos

7. No drama...

6. Bogan: Redneck, uncultured person

5. fair dinkum: Truth, real

4. In the nuddy: To be naked

3. Crack a fat: To get an erection

2. Flog: Masterbate, “I’ve just had a flog.”

1. Root: Synonym for f**k, “I’m dying for a root.”