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What would you do?

While we wait for the Canucks to make the playoffs, the offseason moves are already bugging some.

Arizona Coyotes v Vancouver Canucks

Here are the numbers....soak them in:

Thanks for showing us the cold hard truth.

There are several issues that can be separated so we get bite size bits.

1. Luongo and Spooner: $4,066,539 a season over the next two years. Fuck.

2. Sven and Ferland: $5,791,666 a season over the next two years. Fuck again.

History, bad luck, poor choices, you choose one or a combination of these and you still get way too much money spent on players that aren’t playing. Sven in my mind is a lost cause at this point. I’m not sure which team would take a chance with his history of concussions, even if the Canucks ate 50% of his salary. I really hope Michael Ferland can return, even if it is next year.

3. UFAs for 2020 - Tanev, Marky, Schaller, Fantenberg, Leivo, Graovac

I would let the last 4 guys walk in the summer. Marky and Tanev are the focus for this trade deadline. The management seems like it wants to keep both, plus try to get Tryamkin back in the fold. I would give Marky 3 years at $5.5 million/yr. Do you ask Tanev for a discount, say $5 million/yr for 3 years? I do. (Doubt he takes though) So maybe I trade him at the deadline to try and get a 2nd rounder, since the Nucks will lose their 1st to TB. If Tanev is gone, then Stetcher may get re-signed. To get Groot back in the fold I would offer a $1,500,000 for 2 years show-me contract.

4. RFAs for 2020 - Virtanen, Stetcher, Motte, Gaudette

I think Motte’s time is done in Vancouver. Jake is putting up number’s that could get him in the $2.5 - $3 million range for the next 3-4 years. Stetcher will depend on Tanev. And as for Gaudette, I think he deserves 3 more years at 1.5 million/yr. They don’t have to offer sheet him.

5. The real issue - 2021 - 22

Petey, Hughes, and Demko need new contracts. I’m not sold on Demko as a starter and if the cap is tight I would expect him to get traded next year. The question is what amount to yout throw at Petey and Hughes? I have a feeling that Marnier’s number will be thrown around, but that would really hurt cap space for both of them to make $9 million plus, so let’s not get crazy.

To be honest, I wouldn’t do anything crazy at the deadline, except a deal for Tanev that brought a 2nd rounder. (I doubt there is a team that would do it.)