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Gamethread #49: Canucks vs Sharks

Canucks try to beat the Sharks to keep pace with the division leaders.

NHL: NOV 02 Canucks at Sharks Photo by Matt Cohen/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

What place are the Canucks in today? 1st...5th...3rd? It is a roller coaster of excitement in January. Feels good, right? In the Pacific division of mediocrity, one loss could get the fans talking about firing the coach or a win could get people talking about parade routes.

There are no parade routes planned for the Sharks this year. Unless they can pull off a Blues like revival and win 13 games in a row, they will probably try to play the roll of spoilers for the division. They took the first step to a comeback firing their coach a while ago, but it doesn’t seem to have worked. Their leader, Logan Couture, is out another 4 weeks with injury.

The Canucks have their own issues. Even with a win against a trap-happy Coyotes team, the Canuck lines are still struggling to find some sort of consistency. Boeser away from Petey doesn’t seem to help Boeser. Jake with Petey has only produced one goal this year. Myers-Fantanberg brings me nightmares. Marky is overworked. The all-star break can’t come fast enough.

You Vancouver folks need to just curl up in your 18 blankets out of the snow and yell at your screens.

Go Canucks Go!