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Gamethread #47: Canucks vs Jets

Canucks try to beat the Jets....please try.

Vancouver Canucks v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

The Canucks are still in the thick of race for first place in the division after a disastrous start to the road trip. Two road losses in Florida were then followed by two wins. Coming out of this roadtrip above .500 would be amazing.

The bad news is the Canucks have to go into Winnipeg to try and do this. You know how there are some teams that Canucks play well against, no matter what their record is? Winnipeg is not one of those teams. The Canucks have lost 9 in a row to the Jets. The Jets play a fast, hard hitting game that just doesn’t work for Petey & Co. The Jets had a crapy start to the year, got back on track and now are struggling again. So a visit from the Canucks might be what they want.

Arizona and Edmonton also play tonight, so if the stars aligned, the Canucks could be in 1st place tomorrow.

Cross those fingers and toes.