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Gamethread #46: Canucks vs Wild

Canucks try for two wins in a row on the road.

Vancouver Canucks v Minnesota Wild

The Canucks are back at it less than 24 hours after the finish of their last game. Getting a win on the road must have felt nice after two horrific defeats. The Canucks head into Minnesota to face a team that has some of the same old faces; Parise, Suter...Staal.

I say this every year. I hate watching Minnesota play. Even after a change of coaches, I find their style to be boring and I hope the Canucks don’t get stuck playing a neutral zone trap game.

I call upon Mr. Road Scorer, Bo Horvat, to continue his ways and score 3 today, just to make it interesting.

And in case you forgot, the Canucks suck......and they are 3 points out 1st in the division.

Go Canucks Go!