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Vancouver Canucks 2018-19 Season Review: Jay Beagle

The new Canuck had a season of ups and downs

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Anaheim Ducks Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Who’s this guy? Jay Beagle

Position: Center/RW

Shoots: R

Height: 6’3

Weight: 210 lbs of agitation

Born: Some place west of Vancouver Int. Airport, B.C.....(Calgary, AB)

Vancouver Canucks signed him to a 4 year/$12 million contract in July 2018

What’d he do?

Well, firstly he made out like a bandit when he signed his free agent deal. I know there is a thought in some circles that you pay for experience, but we won’t know if this deal will be worth it for another year or two. Beagle had just won a Stanley Cup and his work ethic is something that the locker room can benefit from.

His first season with the Canucks was a mixed bag. I really loved the style of game he played for the first 5 games of the year. He was primarily a 3rd and 4th line guy and he brought some of that “grit” we all hear about. His form of grit came in the form of getting to the net and pestering the defense and goalie during play and after the whistle.

Unfortunately he had a bad the arm...during the 5th game and was sidelined until December and it took longer for him to get his legs back to his full speed.

So was he any good?

This is a hard question answer. As a faceoff guy, Jay was great. He had the second most faceoffs taken and the highest win % for some with over 100 draws taken. Beagle’s intensity was great as the Canucks try to bring some pushback against bigger teams. Beagle may not drop the gloves, but he does pester other teams. Jay is a defensive work horse as his def zone starts show (81.5%). That definitely shows the trust Travis Green has in him. Beagle’s presence on the PK was very important.

Cool. So what did we hate?

I could complain about contract...but that horse is dead.

The praise I gave above about def zone starts is also indicative of the lack of trust Green has in Beagle in the offensive zone. Beagle would have a tough time getting more than 20 points in the bottom 6 on this team. He was on that type of pace if he had played 82 games. For a team that struggles to score goals, I hate that he was signed for so long. (Sorry, i kick the horse again). And due to the fact that he doesn’t have a scoring touch, he will be relegated to bottom 6 duties and PK for the next 3 years. (he will be 36 at the end fo the contract)

So what now?

Good question. I see Beagle’s value in the locker room and his usefulness on the ice. i just hope that his body can handle a full year. Beagle has only played 2 seasons where has has played over 75% of the games. With Granlund gone and Loui almost gone, Beagle will have to step on the PK and eat more minutes. I don’t expect him to score 15 goals, but I hope he can get near that 20 point area and play 80 games.

If Beagle can stay healthy, be good on the PK and get some points, ....and the Canucks suck by January.....I will be calling for GMJB to trade Beagle ASAP.