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Free Agent Frenzy 2019: Why, Jim? Why?

The Canucks are gonna do all the things today, and it’s all bad.

St. Louis Blues v Winnipeg Jets - Game Five
Imagine thinking this guy is the answer...
Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

Welcome to the Nucks Misconduct 2019 NHL Free Agency Day Open Thread.

I’m going back to bed.

This whole thing is playing out like a slow motion car-crash on a snowy highway: we could see what was going to happen the whole time, but could do nothing to stop it. Unless today involves a wholesale teardown of the Canucks bottom 6 forwards and their incredibly bad contracts, this day is going to be looked back on as the day Jim Benning sealed his fate. I mean sure, it’ll probably take the Aqualinis another couple years to finally see just how bad the management group of this team is, but it starts today.

They’re going to overpay for Tyler Myers in a bidding war with no one but themselves. So congrats to the Canucks for finishing 2nd in a 1 horse race, I guess.

I just don’t get how the Canucks could look at what Luke Schenn did and say “you know what? you earned a year of being a 3rd pairing guy for the league minimum, so we can have another veteran that Quinn Hughes and Olli Juolevi can learn from, Luke”.

So depending on dollars and term, the Jordie Benn signing MIGHT be okay.

Also, we will not be listening to any nonsense supporting this garbage today. It’s absolutely wrong and untrue. Period.

Meanwhile, there should be some interesting trades today and this is one that definitely fits that description:

So, as things start trickling in, try and keep calm. Don’t let this ruin your Canada Day. Just in case it does, try and laugh anyway...