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Silky N’ Filthy podcast: Utica Livin’ & The Name Game (feat. Ben Birnell)

This week’s episode covers the Utica Comets, the best names in the draft, the SCF & our personal 6-team no trade list. Yes, we hate your city.

Six-team no-trade list.
Who would be on your six-team no-trade list?
Kyle Bhawan (SB Nation)

As actual hockey wraps up and silly season begins, so do the fun and games on Silky N’ Filthy.

We kick off the show with something we like to call “The Name Game.” We take our favourite names from the draft and do our best to pronounce them.

Some we picked out of appreciation (like Montana Onebuchi). Others, we picked just so we’d look silly. Thank you, Pyotr Kotchetkov & Evgeny Oxentyuk.

After making fools out of ourselves (mainly just me), we welcome Ben Birnell of the Utica Observer-Dispatch to the show to discuss his journey in covering the Utica Comets. Ben shed some great insight on his favourite interviews, and the epic moment when he found out that he landed the job.

We also discussed the Comets, Trent Cull, and the plethora of young players who struggled this year. In the essence of keeping things positive (hey, we’re positive people on Silky N’ least 40% of the time), we chatted about the best moments from the Comets season and some things to look forward to ahead of next year.

Later in the show some we dis more, um, unique topics. Our SB Nation counterparts in Calgary, Matchsticks and Gasoline, posed an interesting question on Twitter the other day that we couldn’t help but answer.

Yes, we hate a few cities in the NHL for different reasons. Curious if the rest of you have an answer to this hypothetical question.

We also take a break from the hockey for our Meanwhile in Canadia segment where we discuss one of the most bizarre and incredible stories from this decade: one man’s goal to create a monstrous mural of Nicolas Cage’s face — made up of 180,000 tiny photos of Nicolas Cage.

Finally, we end by talking about an awesome Stanley Cup Final, even though some fans have tuned out. Kyle and I also make a bet (prior to Game Five) on who will win the series.

Here’s a rundown of the show:

  • The U.S. Takeover (5:30)
  • The Name Game, 2019 NHL Draft Edition (8:00)
  • Ben Birnell on his Utica journey (18:00)
  • Birnell on Cull, Comets’ youngsters, season reflections & next year (32:30)
  • Kyle and I dish out our 6 team no-trade list (52:30)
  • Meanwhile in Canadia: the Nicholas Cage mural (62:00)
  • The SCF bet between Trevor & Kyle (67:30)

Poll question. Kyle and I had these three teams in common on our no-trade list. Which one would you least like to play for?


If you could only block a trade to one team, which would it be?

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  • 15%
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  • 0%
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  • 23%
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