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2019 Stanley Cup Finals Open Thread - June 3/19

Still watching this? Wow... okay, I guess we’ll do a game thread.

2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Three Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

BOSTON BRUINS VS ST LOUIS BLUES- 8:00PM EDT/ 5:00PM PDT- (Boston leads 2-1)

For those of you subjecting yourselves to this, I would say I admire your ability to see it through, but honestly I am concerned. Exposing one’s self to PTSD triggers isn’t what I would call a healthy behaviour. But you’re here so we’ll put a game thread up.

I am going to be honest here, apart from a couple gifs from Game 1 and 2, I have not watched any of this series. Been there, done that, have the mental scars. So tells me that Boston exposed Jordan Binnington for the fraud that he is in the last game. I’d get excited, but you know, I take no joy in them defeating an enemy.

Anyway, it’ll all be over soon. The Canucks will do okay at the draft, the fan base will start to feel hopeful, and the organization will build up some good will, then piss it all away on July 1st when they make some truly ridiculous free agent moves (or worse, do nothing at all). So, we have that to look forward to, right?