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What a week....oh look, July 1st is coming.

The Canucks have some issues...Dr Phil might be needed.

Vancouver Canucks v Ottawa Senators Photo by Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images

I went away for a vacation on Monday after the draft. I figured that between the draft and the Miller trade, that things would be calm until July 1st. I was wrong...again.

Back in October 2017, I wrote an article here, asking Roberto Luongo to retire at the end of 2018 so the Canucks wouldn’t be hit quite as hard by the recapture penalty that was made just for him...and affected a couple other front-end loaded contracts that were being signed at the time.

He never responded.

Instead he played another season with bad hips, then decide to retire and give the Canucks organization one last screw....over.

The media can frame this situation in many different ways and so can I. I don’t think Lu was planning to screw over the fans of the Canucks, but his actions against this organization obviously will lead to this result in some way. If you need a refresher on Lu-Canuck brass history, Torts went with Eddie...Gillis backed Torts....Lu was done. (We could go as far back as Ginger vs Lu under AV)

Lu wanted out....but only to Florida. That selfishness puts him up there with Kes. So the Canucks took what they could get from Florida. Marky seems to be the only part that could work out from that trade as Shawn Matthias couldn’t stick with Vancouver.

Lu could have retired at the end of 2018 like I asked. He was already injured and played only 35 games, so really it was now a discussion of whether he could make it to the end of the his contract, or be put on LTIR like other bad contracts with injuries or would he stick it Vancouver brass one more time and retire?

I’m sure the Panthers told Lu that they had no intention of putting him LTIR as they would have to keep paying him so he would have to play. Lu’s thought process had nothing to do with the wishes of Canuck fans and in his defense, it shouldn’t. Lu doesn’t really care how many times he sticks it to Francesco Aquilini’s team. Lu wants to be part of the Panthers organization...not the Canucks (he states this in his retirement message) so retiring is not only in the Panthers best interest, but Lu’s as well.

It may seem that I am painting Lu as the bad guy because the rebuild will suffer somewhat due to the recapture penalty, but he isn’t the bad guy.

There is really only one bad guy in the Canucks organization. Take a guess in the comments.

Lu’s decision and a lower cap number does put a hamper on the Canucks FA thoughts. Boeser has to be the first decision made....will he accept a bridge contract? Doubt it. So is $7 million/yr for 5-7 years doable for both sides? After that happens the Canucks could sign Myers and then be done. They would have 24 NHL contracts and be under the cap. Of course it won’t be that simple. Notice I said Myers and no other names. I would love for there to be other names floating a cheaper price and high skill set. I also want Santa to be real.

Not tendering Ben Hutton any offer is a very interesting move. I think a team is more than willing to sign him for $2.5 million/yr and he will walk away from the Nucks. I hope Juolevi is ready.

Reading the last two paragraphs makes me sad and if I was GM, I would go all in on Panarin instead of any FA defensemen. This team needs to score goals. I’m crazy like that.

Collin Miller was traded from Vegas to Buff because McPhee doesn’t want to do business with the Canucks. Kinda like Toronto didn’t want to do business over Marleau and his contract. People question whether GMJB is doing his due diligence with these players, but teams just don’t want to business with the Aquilinis. They have made enough enemies throughout the league that it may not matter who is the GM.

Let’s have fun this July 1st.