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So, how did we do?

The draft is done and there was a big trade in Canuckland.

2019 NHL Draft - Portraits Photo by Kevin Light/Getty Images

The 2019 NHL draft in Vancouver is over and there have been over a dozen recaps by multiple sources in the GVRD area. Before I get to my non-valuable opinion, here is what the Canucks have added to the family.

1st Round, 10th overall | Vasili Podkolzin, RW, Russia

This pick shocked the shit out of me. NM had gone through the usual SBN hockey draft with the rest of the blogs and we had a discussion between Boldy and some Swedish defenseman Kent wanted. No mention of any Russians. I am not the best at amateur scouting and only had minimal information about Podkolzin before hand. I knew he was Russian, had a temper and could score. I thought the first point would have cancelled him out for the current Canucks brass as their track record with Russians is...well...sucky.

After reading every scouting report after the fact, I like the pick. I like goal scorers....I like players who stir it up on the ice and play the body. I hope he can get of his KHL contract a year earlier. I hope he brings Groot back with him.

2nd Round, 40th overall | Nils Hoglander, LW, Swedish Juniors as the wind...likes to hit....5’9....
I’m not sure I like the last point, but from the highlight reel clips I saw I might be able to get over it quickly. Hoglander will need a sniper to play with to be fully effective. There is a great scouting piece on him over at the Boston blog SCOC.

4th Round, 122nd overall | Ethan Keppen, LW, OHL (Flint)

Keppen played on a terrible team and was able to produce points. An outside shot at making NHL team, Keppen’s size (6’2, 212 lbs) will help him to try and make Utica. He needs to work on his skating and shot, but he isn’t afraid to get dirty in the corners or infront of the net.

5th Round, 133rd overall | Carson Focht, C, WHL (Calgary)

Canucks’ director of amateur scouting Judd Brackett said this of Focht, “Plays hard, good motor, heavy on the puck where he needs to be, and he can generate for them,” he said. “So he’s going to be, I would assume, [Calgary’s] top-line guy and push them next year and it’ll be nice to have him there playing with Jett.” ~ thanks Vancouver Courier

6th Round, 156th overall | Arturs Silovs, G, Russian Juniors

Silvos is a Latvian goalie. The other Latvian goalie to play for the Canucks...Arturs Irbe.

6th Round, 175th overall | Karel Plasek, RW, Czech Republic

I predict this guy never makes the team

6th Round, 180th overall | Jack Malone, RW, USHL (Youngstown)

Jack is going to Cornell to play some hockey and get an education.

7th Round, 195th overall | Aidan Mcdonough, LW, USHL (Cedar Rapids)

Aidan is going to Northeastern to play some hockey and get an education.

7th Round, 215th overall | Arvid Costmar, C, Sweden

7th rounders don’t usually ever make it to the NHL.

Other news:

The big trade between Vancouver and Tampa Bay will certainly be talked about at least until the next draft as it involved a 1st round pick. I like J.T. Miller and what he brings to this team. I like first round picks. I am not sure what will be more valuable to this team 3 years from now. I do know this though, if the Canucks are a lottery team two years from now that Benning and Green will both be fired and the new brass will have to start again to some degree. The Canucks want to be in the playoffs this year and Miller can potentially help this team do that. If the Canucks make the playoffs this year, then we all rejoice and cry a bit during the draft. Maybe Benning picks a fat contract from another team during the summer and gets a pick as well? (I doubt it)

The salary cap is set at $81.5 million next year. I think you could hear a few GM’s yell when the announcement was made. There are some teams in trouble and potentially give GMJB the chance to take a bad contract from another team to get that 1st rounder back. Of course the Canucks are waiting to hear about Roberto Luongo’s future, because if he retires the Canucks will have him using $3 million of the cap space for the next 3 years. The Canucks need to sign Boeser to a Hutton and Leivo...and Goldy? That would mean the Canucks would let Granlund and Motte walk. The Canucks will be tight on cap space so don’t get your hopes up about Panarin coming to town, unless GMJB gets better at this whole trade business.

The one thing that really has to be addressd is that at this point before July 1st, the Canucks have too many forwards that can’t clear waivers under contract. The summer is just starting for the Canucks....this should be fun.