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Draft day #2: We got the Russian! how about defense?

Today is the meat and potatoes of the draft. GMJB earns his paycheck if he can fill some holes in the defense.

NHL: NHL Draft Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

How many of you picked the Russian in your mock draft?


Let’s face it, Vasili Podkolzin was not thought of by many as a fit for Vancouver because he was listed too high on a lot of draft boards in March and April. He was a big unknown when it came to his KHL contract and how that would play out. And most importantly, the Canucks under GMJB have not done well with Russian players.

I know I was vocal in my choice for Zegras but getting Podkolzin is better. His skill is better, his 200 foot game is better and his attitude on the ice is nastier. Just look at his size, 6’1 and almost 200 lbs at 17 years old.....knocking him off the puck will be very hard.

I do think that GMJB comes and reads this blog sometimes (he doesn’t). The discussion around of what was needed more in the draft by the Canucks was touched on. We spend a lot of time talking about how shitty the defense is on this team, but the real problem really is scoring. The Canucks need to score 30-40 more goals a year to be a playoff team. Podkolzin could be the 2nd line scorer that puts up 30 goals a year by himself.

Today should be about defensemen. Let’s go find that puck-mover that shoots and a big stay at home type that needs a few years to work on their skating. Let’s start filling up the defense cupboard.

I don’t think the trade that everyone wants to happen, will happen. I think teams are going to wait until free agents start disappearing before making any big moves.

Enjoy your weekend, have a beer...or three.