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Silky N’ Filthy podcast: The Soderstrom Toss-Up & The Legend of Chris Faber

The host of Canucks Conversation hops on while Kyle gets healthy scratched.

The host of Canucks Conversation, Chris Faber

You know what, everyone needs a healthy scratch once in a while to keep us honest, am I right?

Co-host Kyle Bhawan had to chill out in the press box for the latest episode of Silky N’ Filthy. In his place, I was joined by the host of Canucks Conversation, Chris Faber.

Chris has been hosting one of the most successful podcasts around for the bulk of this Canucks season. He hopped on to tell us about his podcasting journey and the birth of Canucks Conversation.

Later in the show, Chris and I get into a number of things including positives during the Canucks season and what needs to be done to improve this team. We also our 90-second review segment called “The Right Angle,” as we broke down questions about ten different names affiliated with the Canucks.

To end it off, we pick our Unsung Beauty’s of the Year for the Canucks, and talk about the upcoming draft. Faber is an unabashed fan of Victor Soderstrom, and I have a couple of things to say about that....

Here’s the episode breakdown:

  • Birth of Canucks convo (4:15)
  • Birth of Canucks fan Chris (11:30)
  • Love for Van. Island NHLers (17:30)
  • Let’s get positive about the Nucks (22:00)
  • What the Nucks need to do (30:30)

The Right Angle

  • Antoine Roussel: Who are his most optimal linemates for 2019-20? (33:45)
  • Nikolay Goldobin love from Faber. (35:30)
  • Jake Virtanen gets some love...from Faber (37:30)
  • Thatcher Demko, how many games will he play next season? (38:55)
  • Jim Benning: What’s his shelf life? (40:50)
  • Alex Edler: Faber & Trev split on what happens. Note: the episode was recorded before Edler re-signed. (42:20)
  • Sven Baertschi: There’s still upside (44:15)
  • Jacob Markstrom, who is this guy moving forward? (45:35)
  • Travis Green, what’s gotta change? (47:30)
  • Uncle Loui, time to retire? (49:05)
  • (Unsung) Canucks beauty of the year (50:50)
  • Canucks at the draft and Faber’s love for Soderstrom (56:40)