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2019 Stanley Cup Finals Open Thread - Game 7- June 12/19

Sweet, merciful release is just a few hours away, friends.

2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images


At long last, the meteor arrives. Metaphorically, anyway. Yes, this most foul offering of the the supposed best this game has to offer is thankfully ending tonight. For many of us, there’s no team you can feel good about emerging as the victor. One is an enemy that I will carry the bitter hatred of to my grave lest my team actually end our fast-approaching half century of misery and win it themselves. The other is one of the remaining pair that we can say has had a drought longer than ours. There is however some schadenfreude on the menu tonight, if you’re into German dining.

If the Blues should be the ones to lose tonight, they will remain as the only original expansion team to not win a Cup. They’ll remain tied with Toronto for the longest Cup drought, and if there’s a city who knows how to riot proper like, St Louis puts Vancouver to shame. At least when they riot though, it’s usually about their heinously racist police forces, but this seems like it could happen. Also, the bagel thing. Sorry, it’s just bad and wrong.

If the Bruins lose, they’ll get the soul-crushing heartbreak of losing a Cup that was supposed to be theirs for the taking on home ice. They’ll have been the victims of a group of downright thugs, who spent this series cheapshotting and injuring Bruins players seemingly without impunity. Deja vu, eh? They’ll finally know, and while it won’t hurt as bad as it did for us, they still should have beaten this team handily, and the rational, reasonable Massholes over there should react accordingly. Make popcorn and keep an eye on Twitter either way.