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2019 Stanley Cup Finals Open Thread - June 1/19

It’s another NHL WWE Saturday Special. How exciting.

2019 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Two
Wash This Space!
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images


This all tied-up at the top of the 3rd tussle of Big Booming Boys changes it’s location, but not it’s WWE roots.

Some say the SCF is a war of attrition. That’s true for western viewers - who would be happy for a 1 game SCF series so we could focus on the important things. The draft things.

While Sundqvist may have attritionized Grzelcyk, in return the NHL have partitioned Sundqvist to the pressbox for one game. So the attrition quota is balanced. And NHL player safety is nothing if not balanced. (Previous sentence needs to be read as if it says nothing)

However, this is the first SCF game in St Lois since the beginning of the end of the Original Sin Six. So as historic hysterical fan lore goes, that will be really exciting. At least until the first faceoff. After that, it’s just another heavy game in a city of weird bagel slicing.

Enjoy your Saturday dinner. Interrupted.