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The Roundup- Stanley Cup Playoffs Edition: May 7/19

The Avalanche win in OT to force Game 7 against the Sharks, while Boston bashes their way to the ECF.

San Jose Sharks v Colorado Avalanche - Game Six Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

BOSTON BRUINS 3 COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS 0- (Boston wins series 4-2)

John Tortorella’s guarantees don’t seem to pan out. And while everyone is probably happy with the Bruins taking on Carolina just for the Don Cherry element to it all, the Columbus Blue Jackets were almost as good a story as The Hurricanes themselves after a wild trading deadline by GM Jarmo Kekalainen.

Nope, instead we’re gonna get a series where the Bruins are going to have their sins whitewashed so that no one’s stepping on the Donfather’s toes. The Bruins, we’ll be told are the ones who play the right way. They don’t engage in the embarrassing foolishness of trying to make the game fun for people who pay a lot of money to see them. Deny it all you want, but there was no damn reason at all for them to do this before and the entire industry turned a team with the Sedins into villians because ‘Original Six!!!1!’ and the whole thing just sucks. But I am stupid so I will watch anyway.

Speaking of stupid, let’s talk about the NHL. As we all know, it looks like the officiating crew blew the call in Game Seven of the San Jose Vegas series and it led to a 5 minute Sharks PP which saw them obliterate a 3 goal deficit, eventually winning in OT. The officials erred on the side of caution in that they made a decision that was addressing an incident that harmed another player with a pretty severe injury. This is not something we’re used to, and truth be told, is a mindset I wish the league would use more often. But this is the NHL, and because Vegas’ penalty kill was awful, and because they had a 3-1 series lead and let it all fall apart, the ripple effect of this directly impacted last night’s game. Yes, the team that’s already had their entry to the NHL paved with fluffy pillows and anything else needed to make it as comfortable and effortless as possible was upset, and didn’t just get a fucking apology from the league, and the offending referees banished from the playoffs, they created a situation where the remaining officials were so terrified of being caught in the same situation that they took a crystal clear opportunity to issue a match penalty and turned it into a two minute minor.

Part of the problem is the rule itself. Here’s how it reads in the rulebook:

How on earth did they sign off on this? Why would the NHLPA not see that this doesn’t do anything but give a path for guys to get a pass on scrambling a guy’s brains? I suspect it might have something to do with how the PA always seems to be more concerned with the lengths of a suspension than the fact one of their members did something that could alter, or even end the career of another.

The fear that they might negatively impact the game by issuing the match penalty which CLEARLY was warranted, impacted the game. Instead of a 5 minute power play, they got 2. I know it would have helped for them to score on the damn power play, but the Bruins should not have had McAvoy available for the rest of the game. Period. But there’s also this weirdness that came out of last night, which makes the whole situation even more infuriating:

This wasn’t mentioned on the HNIC broadcast last night, and it leaves one with questions. Why didn’t HNIC say anything about this? Why would they tell this to Tortorella when clearly they saw something because they were calling a penalty? It’s maddening.

So while we wait to hear the outcome on this, I think that an extra game should be added to his sentence for this ridiculous quote (apologies for who I had to quote here...):

Also, I need a shower after wading through tweets of Boston fans defending the hit.

For the love of... will someone shut this dinosaur up? Is there not a single person in this organization who isn’t just the most detestable jackass?

Now, we wait for the Jerks vs the Assholes (and I ain’t saying a word about another certain asshole because I am so tired of us having to talk about him. He’s an embarrassment to the game and karma catching up to him will be enjoyable, to say the least).


They needed a win at home to force a Game Seven and while it wasn’t easy, the Avalanche got it done. After a scoreless first, things got a little wild in the second, starting with a Tyson Jost goal:

Marc-Edouard Vlasic’s 2nd of the playoffs would tie it up for the Sharks:

Then it was J.Y. Compher restoring the Colorado lead:

But with just 10 seconds left in the period, Brent Burns would tie it at 2-2.

Onto the third, and it’s Compher again with a beauty:

But Vlasic wasn’t done either, scoring the tying goal and sending this game to OT:

It wouldn’t take long to get a winner here though, as Cale Makar sets up Gabriel Landeskog for the winner at 2:32 of overtime to force a Seventh and deciding game in San Jose on Wednesday night.